Exumas State of Mind – Engine trouble en route to paradise

It’s one of those days… perfect. Sailing over New York and Philadelphia at 8,500 with 80 mile visibility and calm air. Heading south down the coast of the Bahamas, I’m playing my usual game of how many turns it takes when flying VFR. Direct PXT direct CHS, I can reserve the first 600 nautical miles with a 5 degree change […]

College Sports Scholarships: The 5 Misconceptions

Families seem to be in the middle of a perfect storm as they look to send their sons and daughters to college. The stock market has wiped out a lot of the savings people thought they had; college tuition is up; the economy has wiped out millions of jobs; house prices have collapsed and equity destroyed; and more kids than […]

Tips for a perfect villa vacation

Renting a vacation villa is a great way to get all the things that make a great vacation in one place, for your family. Renting a holiday villa means there is no need to compromise on quality or facilities, making it a perfect solution for a family holiday. Here are 5 of our top tips for finding the perfect rental […]

PERFUME movie review

Review of the movie PERFUME, Story of a Murderer. Last night I saw the movie Perfume, Story of a Murderer, on someone’s recommendation. The essential oil and distillation theme and the scenes really got me excited and I think if that’s your thing you’ll be interested too. I had to spend the first 15 minutes but then I was very […]

Check out different mobile phone deals and select one among the best

Several online mobile phone retailers have established their businesses in recent years to meet the increasing demand for mobile phones and similar products. Have you ever noticed so many tempting mobile phone offers on the internet? If not, just check out a variety of mobile phone deals offered by online mobile retailers. Online mobile phone retailers offer attractive deals on […]

How to write effective newspaper ads

A successful newspaper ad is one that captures the attention of readers and creates customers. In this article, I’ll present some simple tips for writing effective newspaper ads. Let us begin. First, the ad title. It is very important to create an eye-catching headline (headline) for your newspaper ad. The headline will make the reader read the entire ad. One […]

Kitchen remodeling: cost reduction

One way to cut costs on kitchen remodeling is to make a budget and stick to it, but that’s not always easy. You may have budgeted too low on some things or you may have seen something you like better for your kitchen but it was over your budget. Budgeting and planning are the two logical ways to reduce the […]

Commercial Writing Primer

Writing is a basic means of communication, and we have many reasons for choosing to express our thoughts or requests in writing, rather than verbally. We usually write to make our thoughts official, to communicate with someone we don’t know, or to communicate with a large number of people. We write to express our point of view or to make […]

Review of the 3 best products for bed bugs

Bed bug infestations were claimed to have been completely eradicated in the 1950s through the use of a heavy-duty synthetic pesticide called DDT. However, the pesticide does not only kill insects and pests. DDT is also extremely harmful to aquatic life, plants, animals, and of course, humans. Therefore, the use of DDT was completely banned in many developed countries, including […]

Champions and their common denominator

We have studied the lives of the 5 greatest athletes of all time, inside and outside of their sports. We have seen the life of: Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods. A-The common denominator: So what was common between these champions? What is one factor that everyone shared, and can we say that this factor […]