Relationship Advice: The Golden Rule Doesn’t Work

We have all heard of and know the Golden Rule: “Do with others what you would like others to do with you.” Or something like that. The golden rule does not work in love relationships The problem is that the Golden Rule does not work in love relationships. I realize this may not make sense at first glance. So let’s […]

Looking for the most effective eyelash enhancer

Eyelash growth products are one of those beauty products that always seem too good to be true. Naturally growing lusciously thick, dark hair is the coveted option, perpetuated by beauty industry marketing and campaigns. Recently, there has been a rush of eyelash serum products on the market that promise to naturally strengthen and grow eyelashes. You’ve probably seen those enviable […]

How to get rid of acne naturally: 5 tips to get rid of acne

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a very frustrated acne sufferer (or know a loved one who does) and you’re on a critical quest for how to get rid of acne naturally, without the expensive treatments. Forget all those overpriced cleansers and creams—in addition to containing alcohol and other harsh chemicals that always aggravate an acne breakout, they’re not tailor-made […]

Master Cleanse – How can Master Cleanse help you detox?

Sometimes we experience a sudden lack of energy and experience an increasing amount of aches and pains for no real reason. These are the side effects of the unhealthy lifestyles we have, the high amount of stress we have, and the toxins we ingest every day. Over time, our bodies begin to function at a less than optimal level and […]

The Most Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Acne Forever Revealed! Here’s how to get clear skin in 8 weeks

If you are looking for the best system to get rid of acne, this is the article you want to read right now. For your benefit, I urge you to take just 5 minutes to read this article. In this article you will find the best system to end acne forever in less than 8 weeks. I don’t know you […]

10 natural foods that you should include in your diet

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2015 and head into 2016, it’s becoming increasingly clear: Eating healthy shouldn’t be complicated. If good health is your desire, there is no way around your diet. Remember that your physical health is a direct reflection of what you eat and how you live your life in general. Prepackaged and processed foods can […]

Beauty tip – Homemade skin care with lemon

Full of sunshine, lemons are packed with health benefits. Just thinking about them makes your mouth water and their refreshing fragrance lifts your spirits. Everyone knows about the benefits that lemons rich in vitamin C have on the body, but few know about their cosmetic properties. For centuries, women have used lemons to cleanse, tone, and condition their skin. As […]

Eat Alkaline Foods to Neutralize Acid Reflux

Eating more alkaline foods is a great way to balance your diet and reduce the effects of acid reflux disease. In fact, a highly acidic diet can be the cause of many other health problems besides acid reflux disease. A diet low in alkalinity makes the cells and fluids of the body too acidic. This is a major problem in […]

The pros and cons of an automatic tanning booth

One of the many advantages of using a spray tanning booth is the instant tanning effect that you can achieve within a few hours of use. This type of spray tan offers a very precise mist that provides very even coverage without blemishes. Unlike a manual airbrush system where a technician is required, this spray booth is automated. The cabin […]

Face masks for every skin type

Women and men all over the world are going crazy over this Korean beauty product. Face masks have won millions of hearts by helping people achieve clearer, younger-looking skin. For those of you unfamiliar with cloth masks, here is a guide to help you learn more about them. When to use it? You can use them at any time during […]