How to pass the ICC Structural Masonry Code exam

The International Code Council (ICC) The Structural Masonry Code Examination is a nationwide examination given to interested individuals who are in the building construction industry or not. Passing the exam increases the candidate’s chances of having a successful career in the special inspection industry and also earns the candidate a Certificate of Completion which is required to be called a […]

The movie vision of a martial artist: "A history of violence"

If you are a martial artist and have not seen the movie “A History of Violence”, you should. In fact, I’m surprised it didn’t get more recognition at the Academy Awards. There are many movies that have been recommended to me to demonstrate various aspects of bravery and positive values. They include “Braveheart”, “The Last Samurai”, “Rob Roy” and “Gladiator”. […]

How to pick up girls at the library

Any type of man can learn the art of picking up women, whether he’s an athlete, a model, a gamer, or even a guy who loves to read books in the library. Whether you’re someone who likes to go to the library or just someone looking for a challenge, picking up girls at the library is easier than you think. […]

Freemason Symbols – How to Succeed in Life

DO NOT FEAR WHAT MAN CAN DO TO YOU “In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid of what man can do to me. 56:11 The first word uttered by a candidate for Masonic degrees upon entering a Masonic Lodge declares his faith in God. Without such a statement, the shape and beauty of a loggia […]

What Is New York Disability Law?

New York Disability Law Among other things, the law protects disabled individuals from discrimination at work. For example, if you’re denied a promotion because of your disability, you can seek job reinstatement. You may also win monetary awards for the discrimination you suffered. But what exactly does “disability” mean under New York disability law? You can learn more about these […]

How to study for your entrance exams

Studying for exams can be a stressful time and, if not done correctly, can lead to less than satisfactory results. The good news is that with self-discipline, diligence, and a good plan, you can be well prepared for the big day. Having a plan does not guarantee success, but it will ensure that you do your best. The most important […]

California Lawyers

The state of California registers all attorneys, active and retired, who reside or do business within the state. If you’re looking for attorneys and their contact information, you’ll likely find one on any of the websites operated by various organizations that supplement the state’s list. You can view published details about the attorney you are considering in the following topics: […]

Who is Naruto’s father?

The identity of Naruto’s father has been the subject of speculation for Naruto fans for a long time. There have been heated debates, even wars raging on the Internet, about the mystery that is Naruto’s father. The Fourth Hokage Theory Most people believed that Naruto’s father was the Yondaime or the Fourth Hokage. The resemblance between Yondaime and Naruto is […]

Exercising at Christmas without the gym

Gyms are pretty deserted at Christmas. Everyone is so busy with preparations, parties, and people visiting that it’s hard to adjust to getting there, changing, and following a routine as regularly as you would the rest of the year. But don’t give up exercise altogether; you’ll find it much harder to get back into the swing of things if you […]

Building a writer’s portfolio

New or veteran freelance writers need writing portfolios as an addition to their resume. The published writing samples contained in your writers’ portfolios, like the artwork in the artist’s portfolio, is a way to share your body of work with potential employers. Having your writing clips collected in one place (a portfolio or an electronic portfolio) keeps your writing samples […]