The Forgotten City – Exploring the Mayan Ruins of Cobá

Some of the most popular activities in Cancun are visits to the sites of ancient Mayan ruins. While many visitors know the world famous Chichen Itza and many tours visit nearby Tulum, archaeologists and those in the know often recommend a forgotten Mayan city. Deep in the Mexican jungle lies the city of Cobá, a sprawling complex of stone structures […]

travel to japan

Japan is a wonderful blend of ancient history and the latest in high-tech innovation. Beautiful ancient temples sit near modern skyscrapers and dizzying lights. Meticulously manicured gardens, high-speed trains, mountains, and a sometimes quirky culture create a fascinating society that has evolved over thousands of years. Visitors to Japan will never want something new or interesting to explore. Transport Most […]

Secrets of self-discipline

He used to smoke cigarettes. Much. If I ran out of cigarettes and the stores were closed, there was no problem, I would take butts from the ashtray or the garbage and smoke them. I was smoking right when I woke up and right before I went to bed. Sometimes he smoked while eating. I knew it was a disgusting […]

Bayahibe Vs Punta Cana – Both in the Dominican Republic, but so different

Bayahibe was a mostly undiscovered gem on the south coast of the Dominican Republic until the late 1990s. Some independent travelers knew about it before, but the more resort-oriented traveler had never heard of it. Bayahibe is becoming increasingly touristy, but there is still a striking contrast between Bayahibe and the much more popular Punta Cana resort megaplex on the […]

Bed and breakfast vs. hotel stays: experiencing the difference

While the comparisons between bed and breakfasts and hotels largely depend on who is making the comparison, one thing is for sure: the world is simply full of rich treasures, beautiful souls, and interesting people. The great playwright Henry Miller said this. And first of all, when it comes to the notion of why you’re traveling, Miller’s words make us […]

Timeshare Company Profiles: Westgate, Wyndham and Worldmark

Westgate Resorts, with more than 10,000 timeshare units, is the third largest timeshare in the world. Westgate has more than 400 owners and 6,500 employees, says the Westgate website. Westgate, the brainchild of David Siegel, was founded more than 40 years ago from a garage business to an empire. Westgate has gone down in history as the largest privately owned […]

Places not to be missed while in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, located in the deserts of Nevada, glows like a dazzling jewel at night when illuminated with neon lights. What makes it one of the most touristic places are the lasting memories that visitors take home with them. Long ago, Nevada had a deer town called Las Vegas. It was during 1931 that he obtained his first gaming license. […]

Learn to love yourself: love without reservation

No, the title does not refer to hotel accommodations! To love without reservation means to love totally, fully, without suspicion or mistrust, with kindness, compassion and conscience. Many people fall in love with lust instead of love, or fall in love with idea who they think the loved one is. That kind of love is so different from real love […]

You’re just a little pebble

I admit I’m probably too romantic, given my badass background. But, as I was walking along the beach near my cabin yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice, not the endless layers of wave-driven pebbles that covered the sand, but the variety of pebbles in the collage. Millions of pebbles. No, more like hundreds of millions. Our lake is unique. Lake […]

Finding the Perfect RV – Part One – What Kind of Camper Are You?

Are you a full-time, seasonal weekend? This is part of a series of articles in my Perfect RV series. Each article describes one aspect of finding the perfect RV for you right now. Your needs will change as you become an RV. Over time, you will need more or less space to sleep, your comforts will change, your transportation will […]