12 compelling facts about Sedona, AZ

Thinking of visiting Sedona but not entirely sure? First, get to know the city of Arizona a little better. While it has astonishing natural beauty that attracts millions of tourists throughout the year, Sedona is also a spiritual place with a rich cultural history. While Sedona is home to well-known attractions like Tlaquepaque, Red Rock State Park, and several Verde […]

Making bread in Antigua

Douglas McVicars and his partner Dianne White, who just opened their fifth link in a chain of bakeries and patisseries in Antigua, turned out to have the right things when it comes to making a living on French bread and sandwiches. Doug, a former Home Depot executive in Toronto, and Dianne, a recent graduate architect, moved to Antigua in mid-2003. […]

The Bahamas: All-Inclusive Resorts and General Tourist Information

One of the most popular destinations for all-inclusive vacation packages is the Bahamas. The Bahamas are a series of twenty-nine islands, hundreds of keys, and thousands of islets that are collectively located in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba and southeast of Florida. There are many tourist centers on the main islands; about 50 percent of the Bahamian workforce is […]

3 and 4 star hotels in Dubai

Real estate companies are increasingly looking to build more three and four star hotels in Dubai these days. Dubai has had a boom in recent years trying to become the recreation center of the Middle East. A large number of tourists, in addition to its expat community, flock to the streets of Dubai every year. This has given a huge […]

Six basic requirements to live a happy life

Abraham Maslow began developing the “Hierarchy of Needs” model in the 1940s to explain what we, as human beings, need to thrive and find true happiness in our lives. Sociologists can now divide the needs, wants, and desires of human beings into six clear categories using Maslow’s theory to tell us exactly what we need to be successful members of […]

The 5 biggest differences between the US and Europe

So, to the meat and potatoes (rice and beans In Puerto Rico)! These observations are purely factual (with a bit of my opinion included) and are not listed in any particular order. Thank you for reading this far! You will surely enjoy the rest. Of course, I should mention that I grouped Europe, a continent made up of 50 countries […]

Investing in a luxury condo or apartment: what to consider

On the other hand, there are also many builders willing to venture into a luxury project as they are in high demand and there are many investors to choose from. Anyone looking for luxury condos will be accommodated in one way or another. Of course, luxury is a vague term, as it means different things to different buyers. The following […]

Why the uniform color, odor, and taste of semen vary widely

The quantity and quality of semen varies not only between different men, but with the same man throughout the month, the year and throughout his life. Variations in color, viscosity, and odor from month to month are normal, based on stress levels, vitamin and mineral intake, hydration levels, and hormonal fluctuation. However, some changes in semen may reflect an underlying […]

Buckhead Atlanta is truly the Beverly Hills of the South

In the heart of the South, just north of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, you’ll find Beverly Hills of the South, none other than Buckhead. Atlantans will be the first to tell you that Buckhead’s shopping rivals those on Rodeo Drive; the homes in the area are as palatial as any you can find in the 90210 zip code; and the food […]

Gangsters in America – Charlie "The bug" Workman – The Man Who Killed Dutch Schultz

Charlie “The Bug” Workman was the strong and silent type, who killed up to 20 people for Louie “Lepke” Buchalter’s Murder Incorporated. But Workman’s fame was being the man who shot Dutch Schultz to death. Charles Workman was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 1908, the second of six children to Samuel and Anna Workman. Workman dropped […]