Log cabin siding – is it a good idea?

Log cabin siding is an idea that isn’t that new, but it is new to some. Basically, it is the application of half logs on the exterior of an already built standing house, to be used as cladding. There are some benefits besides the obvious aesthetics of a healthy, rustic, romantic look to a log home, and in truth, to […]

dishnetwork offers more than 20 foreign language packs

If only the best television service, the latest technology, and the largest programming packages are enough for you, Dish Network is the service provider for you, delivering more than you could have hoped for. With a selection that exceeds 800 channels and affordable options to make it easy to take advantage of the full breadth of satellite TV, dishnet is […]

How to set up a home computer network

Many people want to know how to set up a home computer network so they can benefit from having a link to their computers, external storage devices, printers, game consoles, files, phones, and home entertainment systems that have networking capabilities. wired or wireless. architecture network The first stage is to decide on the architecture of your network, that is, the […]

CP Snow and Ethical Free Energy

The following article belongs to a research that tries to help the Renaissance of the 21st century, instigated in 2010, and that was derived from the New Measurement of Humanity Project of the Florentine University. For a very specific reason, it has been written in terms that the general public can understand. Scientific discoveries on vital energy, related to the […]

Travel insurance: what it might cover

When you go on vacation, there are many things to remember and consider, but one thing that almost no one considers is travel insurance. No matter how good you are at planning a vacation, unexpected things can happen, and that’s where travel insurance comes in. It can compensate you for unforeseen emergencies. Depending on the length of stay and the […]

Exumas State of Mind – Engine trouble en route to paradise

It’s one of those days… perfect. Sailing over New York and Philadelphia at 8,500 with 80 mile visibility and calm air. Heading south down the coast of the Bahamas, I’m playing my usual game of how many turns it takes when flying VFR. Direct PXT direct CHS, I can reserve the first 600 nautical miles with a 5 degree change […]

The pink Apple iPod Nano is at the top of the list of best Christmas gifts!

Apple’s new pink iPod Nano ranks among the best Christmas gifts this year. There are many reasons for this. Here are some of the things that make iPod nano one of the best Christmas gifts for people of all ages: The iPod offers a variety of uses including: * view photos – it’s a great “portable photo album” * listen […]

Looking for a whole life insurance quote online?

How old are you? Do you have a family or are you single? Do you have debt, most of us do, that you know you won’t be able to pay right away? Let’s face it, getting a whole life insurance quote online can save your family from heartache and more pain in case something happens to you. Let’s be real, […]

A simple detox bath to help remove heavy metals

You can have chelation therapy for a small fortune with some results, or you can do this simple bath, one, two or three times for a fraction of the cost but with great results. Buy at least 5 pounds of bentonite clay for an average woman, allowing one additional pound of clay for every additional 20 pounds of human body […]

Buy a house? Beware of these real estate agent tricks

This is the second in a three-part series warning home buyers and sellers about the top tricks real estate agents use to steal their money. These articles are meant to help you avoid getting fleeced by your real estate agent. sell to buyers Although we all know that agents act for sellers, many are experts at befriending buyers and making […]