Where have all the fathers gone?

At this time of year, my thoughts return to my father. He has been gone quite a while, but the memory of him lingers. I often wonder what he would think of what is happening in our world today if he came back. I grew up with a father who believed in being “the” father. I confess that he wasn’t […]

Top 10 Wii U Games You Should Consider As Holiday Gifts

Need help choosing a Wii U for your friends and family this holiday season? This is your guide to picking out the games that really stand out on Wii U. Most of these games can’t be found anywhere else and some have definitive versions on Wii U. Here are the top 10 games to check out on the Wii. U […]

Nairobi Tourism

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is not short of tourist sights and activities, being a hub for business travel and the only major city in the world with a game park, Nairobi National Park. Nairobi is surrounded by numerous tourist attractions, including the Ngong Hills to the west, Mount Kilimanjaro to the southeast, and Mount Kenya and Fourteen Falls to […]

Instructions for living life the easy way

It is said that humans are so linear that we always need someone to give us steps or instructions before taking action. Well that’s right. WE ARE human and we NEED step-by-step instructions to help us learn new things. Otherwise, we waste ourselves wasting time and energy, making unnecessary mistakes. Those who have gone before, walking in the forefront of […]

Find out what Marrowwalk Boots and Necromancers have in common (but only in Diablo 2)

Marrowwalk is a very nice pair of unique Boneweave boots for necromancers who prefer to use summoned monsters to do their bidding (which just involves killing other monsters as fast as possible). The stats: Defense: 183-204 Required level: 66 Force Required: 118 Durability: 16 Assassin Kick Damage: 69-118 +170-200% Enhanced Defense +20% faster running/walking +1-2 TB Skeleton Mastery (necromancer only) […]

White Label Mobile App Tip: How to Develop and Deliver Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are downloadable software that people can use on their smartphones or tablets. They’re all the rage these days, the apps are useful and entertaining, and they can be easily updated to enable new services and features. It is no wonder that today many companies are interested in becoming app builders as they see the mobile app industry as […]

Do not leave the scene of an accident!

Sometimes, immediately after an accident, people make a very bad decision. Deciding they were probably or potentially at fault, they decide to leave the scene of the accident and hope they won’t be identified later. These people almost always get caught, due to the increased number of traffic cameras and the ease with which witnesses can remember a simple license […]

Characteristics of quality download managers

A download manager is a software program that helps with downloading (and sometimes uploading) files from the Internet, and is often considered a must-have if you are downloading a large amount of data, from files, photos, movies, etc. games and music. . Not only is this software capable of keeping a laptop well-organized, but it can also improve your productivity. […]

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Apps

Every online marketer recognizes the power of social forums. It can make or break a business. But with so many social media channels, how do you take advantage of these platforms? Whether you’re a fan of Apple, Android, or Windows, there are plenty of apps with different features that can help you organize multiple accounts. Plus, these apps are smart […]

Corporate and personal yacht parties

One of the fastest growing trends for corporate events and meetings is to have a corporate social gathering on a high class yacht. It is an opportunity to get away from the work environment and do something new, fun and memorable. Sure, as a corporate event planner, you could have another party at one of the executive’s homes, or you […]