Ness Notes (March 16)

The 2006 NCAA tournament kicks off today with the first of its 16 opening round games starting at 12:20 ET with Seton Hall taking on Wichita State in Greensboro, North Carolina. The final game of the day is scheduled to kick off around 9:45 ET in San Diego, when Utah State takes on Washington. There will be 16 more first-round […]

Staycation Guide: 5 places in the UK that will make you feel like you’re abroad

Holidays at home are on the rise again, and more Britons are choosing to stay home on holiday. But which part of the UK should you go to if you’ve never had a holiday at home before or feel like trying something new? Here is my vacation guide that is here to help. The UK is a dynamic place full […]

Jesus is not a gentleman!

“Can it not be that many men who cannot believe these doctrines are much more truly Christian, much closer to the spirit of Christ, than some who believe?” (CS Lewis, Mere Christianity, 1952) That sure sounds like wisdom. I’d be willing to bet that most people can take a look at the people in their lives and find at least […]

NordicTrack Incline Trainer X7i Review – Pros and Cons of the X7 Incline Trainer

The NordicTrack X7i incline trainer is the most affordable version of the popular incline trainer treadmills. Incline trainers are popular for one main reason: they give you up to a 40% incline. And this high incline walk practically burns calories. In fact, according to the manufacturer, you can burn 5 times more calories on an incline trainer than on a […]

kitchen cabinet doors

Kitchen cabinets experience maximum wear and tear due to the very nature of their utility. They are most affected by the heat, grease, food residues and stains that result from cooking. Sooner or later, you come to the decision that your kitchen cabinets need a makeover. Replacing kitchen cabinets can be an expensive option. A less expensive and often more […]

Beep Beep, the 10 best car rental tips

Ready to rent a car for your next trip? Follow these top 10 car rental tips before you book your next car. These tips will help you save money. Top 10 car rental tips 1. Do you really need transportation? Are you planning to stay in a resort? Do you need a car once you arrive at the resort? You […]

Do you keep making these graphic design mistakes?

no review Another graphic design mistake website owners make is not proofreading their text. They need to make sure that the content they add to their site is free of grammatical and spelling errors. Some viewers are particular about these things, so, for example, when they see a sentence with bad grammar or no punctuation, they don’t go on reading […]

H1N1 Planning – Eight Ways Parents Can Prepare for Extended School Absences

All of these circumstances are of concern to parents and schools alike: What happens if students are out of school for long periods of time? What if schools have to close? This article provides eight suggestions for parents to consider in light of these pressing questions and situations. We all know from experience that it’s hard when learning stops and […]

The bedroom diet

Rookie 15s can be avoided if you consciously choose to sit on the sidelines during late-night pizza binges! Living the college life often means studying late into the night while eating junk food, ordering pizza after a long night of partying, and forgetting about that once high school hobby: exercise. With the stress of exams and all the changes that […]

Make soy candles that smell great

You’ve probably seen candle making kits in craft stores, right? For all the supplies, they can be really affordable and it’s a project your kids can enjoy too. What usually comes with a cheap price will likely have cheap ingredients that you might want to avoid, like paraffin. Sure, they’re easier to make and cost less, but who wants to […]