6 tips to take your real estate investment to the next level

Many real estate investors have come to me with the same concern…they know they need to take their investment to the next level in order to get that higher cash flow they’ve been thinking and dreaming of…but they don’t. I don’t have a clear plan on how to do it. If you’ve been thinking about taking your investing to the […]

Veterans: How to Get a VA Loan

One of the main dreams of the military is to provide a comfortable home for their families. As such, the government designed the VA or Veterans Loan, a program that will benefit service members towards fulfilling this dream which is, in fact, woven into the ultimate American dream of providing all Americans with a comfortable home to live in. Here […]

Four rules of business expansion

To be a champion agent, you must understand the four rules of business expansion. These rules are universal to all businesses, but especially service businesses where competition is high and opportunities for repeat customers and referrals are greater. Those factors describe the real estate business well. These four rules control the level of risk you’ll need to take to win […]

How Real Estate Agents Can List Owned By Owner (FSBO) Properties For Sale

Listing a property that is currently for sale by owner can be a difficult task. Most homeowners will wait a while before considering listing their home with a real estate agent. The silver lining here is that you know they are motivated to sell. So if they choose to list their home with a real estate agent, how can you […]

How to maximize your stock portfolio with ETF trading

Many people enjoy trading ETFs as they present a simple and diversified method of trading an index or commodity. Although investors may have a preference for certain ETFs, most investors do not have a preference. system instead for ETF trading. In this article, we’ll look at what specifically an ETF is, the benefits of ETFs, and a way to trade […]

6 General Financial Rules

I wonder how many of you are big readers. You know the type, the ones who can read a book a week or review endless facts and advice to help them develop a financial plan that will guide them down the path to prosperity. However, if you’re like most people and don’t have the time to read a mountain of […]

Financial accounting for construction contracts

A contract is a large piece of work that takes considerable time to complete and comprises activities to be performed outside of factory promises, viz. construction of a dam or school building, laying of railway tracks, etc. Since each contract involves considerable resources both in terms of men and materials, it is necessary to devise an appropriate accounting system to […]

Build your dream home with a construction loan

With the current economic trend driving home prices down, many assume that buying a used home is worth every dollar they spend. Others turn to apartment loans, thinking it’s like killing two birds with one stone: owning your own home and earning some extra money through rental income. While these are all great strategies, some families choose to take out […]

How to Search For Homes for Sale With Pools

Search For Homes for Sale With Pools Whether you’re looking for a large home or a low-rise condo, Summerlin has a variety of real estate options for you to choose from, including those that have a private pool. Here’s how to search for a pool in a Summerlin homes: A pool is a great addition to any home, and the […]

Oklahoma Payroll, Unique Aspects of Oklahoma Payroll Law and Practice

The Oklahoma State Agency that oversees the collection and reporting of state income taxes deducted from payroll checks is: Oklahoma Tax Commission Withholding Tax Division 2501 Lincoln Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73194 (405) 521-3155 [http://www.oktax.state.ok.us/oktax/] Oklahoma allows you to use federal form W-4 to calculate state income tax withholding. Not all states allow salary reductions made under Section 125 or […]