Sizing of domestic water heater systems

Sizing a home water heater system is an art form rather than an exact science. For anything other than a small residential system, you cannot just go to a table or graph and make your selection. The codes provide only generalizations such as “Hot and cold water must be supplied to all sinks, bathrooms, showers, etc.” They do not indicate […]

Make a fortune investing in land

You can make a fortune on earth. That said, I won’t sugarcoat what is probably one of the most difficult types of real estate investing. The reason you can double, triple (or more) your money in land is because it is one of the least understood real estate investments. This provides an incredible advantage if you know what to look […]

What else can your home do for you?

“What do you mean what * else * can my house do for me?” you say. “A house is for living and generating capital; isn’t that enough?” Well yes and no. If you just want a simple home with a simple mortgage, you don’t have to bother answering this question. Most people don’t and they do it well. But if […]

Buying real estate in Nicaragua

The first step to buying real estate in Nicaragua is to forget everything you know about the process of going home … no matter where your home is. Let me clarify one thing from the beginning. There are incredible bargains to buy a property in Nicaragua. In fact, there is no other market in the Americas where it is reasonable […]

Land development values: general rules

People who want to invest in a piece of land to “develop” it (as that term is defined in the articles in this Land Development Values ​​series) or to build on it and sell a complete package (for example, a new house on your lot)! I have to examine a lot of plots because everyone wants to try to sell […]

Reasons Owners Prefer to Use Self Storage

Most people list self-storage facilities for commercial use only. It is a fact that business owners benefit greatly from using storage units. However, a surprisingly large number of homeowners also depend on the convenience and profitability of these facilities to expand their homes. Homeowners prefer to use self-storage for these 5 reasons: MOVING AWAY Families, particularly those just starting out, […]

Avoid vinyl when choosing a patio door

If you’re replacing your patio door this summer, think “wood combination”, not vinyl. A wood and vinyl combination frame is strong, durable, and therefore extremely energy efficient. Its good looks are also maintained, season after season, year after year. Many people are still tempted by vinyl frame sliding doors because they believe it is still a reasonable option. That is […]

Selling Today Can Stop Foreclosure

Curious about this new real estate phenomenon known as real estate investing? I am one of these investors and I would love to give you a little overview of what I do and how I help people with a quick home sale. Not only can we move quickly as investors, but we are a legal way to buy or sell […]

4 ways to wholesale real estate

Do you want to invest in real estate without financial risk and without money or credit? Wholesaling houses is a popular option. Personally, I think wholesaling can be a challenging way to start, but the fact that you can start investing in real estate without any barriers to entry makes wholesaling an attractive option. If you can be good at […]

Pet Sitting Partners: Boarding Kennels

Chances are, at one point or another, you will have to turn to someone else to take care of your dog. Perhaps you’ve accepted a job assignment that will keep you out of town for a month. Maybe you will finally embark on that long-awaited cruise. Whatever the reason, you need someone trustworthy and trustworthy to take care of Rover. […]