What are the advantages of using tiles in a bathroom?

advantages of using tiles in a bathroom If you are looking for a durable, waterproof material for your bathroom walls, tile is the best choice. Tile comes in a wide variety of colours, sizes and textures, so you can find the perfect fit for your design theme. Plus, you can add in decorative accents like borders and mosaics for a […]

The Only Level Playing Field in Investing – Options

I learned about options late in life, accidentally, trawling through the pages of the old Exchange and Mart magazine in 1995. A full page article showed how an options trader could work from home, (actually in bed) using BBC teletext prices, back in the day. A lot has changed, but options have been around for centuries, before stocks, and are […]

Trying to increase sales? Demographic mapping and how they can increase sales!

As you decide to open a new retail location or increase the sales performance of an existing site… mapping the location along with schools, community centers, stadiums, libraries and other traffic generators can greatly increase your success. By plotting your existing site or proposed new site on a map and creating a 1, 2 and 3 km radius around it… […]

Mutual Funds: An Introduction and Brief History

Each of us does not have the experience or the time to build and manage an investment portfolio. There is an excellent alternative available: mutual funds. A mutual fund is an investment intermediary through which people can pool their money and invest it according to a predetermined objective. Each mutual fund investor gets a share of the fund proportional to […]

Home sellers: prepare your home for sale

You want your house to sell, of course, for the highest possible price and in the shortest possible time. Here are some great tips to make sure that happens, long BEFORE potential buyers visit your home. First, make sure your home’s curb appeal is at least as good, and preferably better than other homes for sale in your area. Buyers […]

Handyman Dos and Don’ts

If you own a home, you are well acquainted with the maintenance required to keep things running smoothly. Patch and repair work will always be necessary for as long as you own a home. Some homeowners are die-hard DIYers, while others can’t even stock up on a proper toolbox. If you fall into the category that could use a little […]

What happens when you have an incorrect property title?

How can a land title become unreliable? How to protect yourself from the biggest problem of all: buying a house without having the legal right to do so? Well, first we have to clarify a very important aspect. The transfer of a property title in the US does not necessarily require the presence of a notary public or an attorney. […]

Three Things Every HOA Board Member Should Know

As a property manager, I enjoy the dynamics of working with condominium boards and HOAs. Essentially, the Board runs the Association along with the volunteer owners in an effort to keep property values ​​high through proper maintenance of common areas, maintaining uniformity, and ensuring positive curb appeal. The Association works closely with the property manager to set goals for the […]

Real Estate Foreclosures Offer Opportunities for Home Buyers and Investors

Real estate foreclosures, also known as REO foreclosures, are bank-foreclosed properties that were not sold at a short sale or auction. These properties are in the hands of the banks for a future auction or sale. Banks advertise surplus properties themselves or make deals with Real Estate companies that specialize in REO foreclosures. These assets are a burden on the […]

Real Estate Owners and Investors: Are You Sleeping?

Consider this story about a fictional couple named Peter and Sarah, who, like many others, decided to make rental property ownership a part of their retirement planning. Peter and Sarah had been researching the rental property market in their town for almost a year before finding what they were looking for. It was a ten-unit building in a reasonably good […]