3 easy tips to lose weight

Do you want to start seeing some results in your attempts to lose fat? Here are three easy weight loss tips that could help you lose a few pounds and a few inches, and look and feel great in a short amount of time! 1. Don’t starve yourself That’s one of many easy weight loss tips, because after all, who […]

$5 Indian Head Half Eagle Gold Coins – 1908 to 1929

The United States in 1908 was a nation in the midst of broad social and economic change. Today’s headlines sound like they were ripped straight from today’s news. Women were banned from smoking in public in New York City. Production began on a car that was advertised to get 25 mpg. The first car race “Around the World” was organized. […]

Are empaths codependent?

Empaths are more than empaths. Much like a HSP (very sensitive person), they are highly attuned to other people’s stimuli and emotions and energy, usually to a degree considered transpersonal or paranormal. They can be codependent and end up in abusive relationships. Let us first consider some definitions. An HSP has a rich inner life and a deep central nervous […]