Words don’t make sense until you give them to them

You hear the word “alcoholism” and react without emotion when you say that it is a disease that can have sad side effects. Your friend reacts passionately every time the topic is discussed. You share firm and definitive opinions when wage inequalities for women are discussed. Your friend dispassionately accepts that it is unfortunate. The words are meaningless. They are […]

Children’s songs: Where have all the traditional songs gone?

If you are reading this article, you probably also have a young child or two running around creating havoc. If, like me, you are wondering where all the traditional nursery rhymes have gone, I am here to remedy the situation! Do you remember traditional nursery rhymes from your kindergarten years like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Old […]

Choosing educational toys

How do you make sure the educational toy you buy is right for your child? Like everything, there are no guarantees with children. There are a couple of things to consider when selecting educational toys for children that can improve the chances that your choice will be well received. First, assess the stage of development your child is in. Select […]

Lice nits: how to spot and get rid of them

The term “nit” is just an added name for the egg of a louse also identified as “louse.” Head lice and pubic lice attach their eggs or nits to the skull or body hair very close to the surface of the skin. Nits are attached to the hair follicle with a very strong glue that holds them firmly to the […]

Collectors V Resellers, can’t we all get along?

Tens of thousands of years ago, the first humans survived as hunters and gatherers. Our ancestors went out into the wild with basic tools and weapons to hunt meat, and roamed the forest in search of fruits, vegetables, and berries. At the end of a hard day at the office, these simple folks would sit around the campfire to divide […]

Inspirational quotes for graduation announcements

Instead of buying mass-produced graduation announcements and graduation invitations that look exactly like everyone else’s, go online and add family photos, personal style, and unique messages to create memories of this year’s graduate. Of course, high school and college are not the only institutions that people graduate from: beauty school, law school, police academy, kindergarten, boot camp, and various other […]

34 fun school carnival game ideas

1. The Beauty Parlor was a popular booth at our Fall Carnival. Boys and girls loved to dye their hair blue, green, pink! 2. Karaoke was also very popular this year! 3. About three years ago, our room mothers rented an electronic bull. (Can’t think of the correct name!) The line never ended! Kids and adults loved it! 4. My […]

Penis health can be fun with homemade toys

Looking for a way to spice up good penis care? A man who wants to get the most out of his penis health but also wants to be a bit adventurous can do so very easily with a variety of homemade sex toys. These toys, specifically the fairly popular cock ring, can be made with things around the house, or […]

Elementary Science Fair Projects: Make Your Own "Litmus" Paper and use it

In today’s Elementary Science Fair Project we are going to make our own litmus paper and then use it. Do you know what litmus paper is and what it is used for? Yes, it is the paper that is used in chemical laboratories to test for acid or alkali, it changes color and so you can see if a substance […]

Insurance against an accident from the person to whom you loaned your car

I had to feel empathy for my friend. Poor boy: out of the goodness of his heart, the man slows down his vehicle to a relative. And then his relative was in a major accident, resulting in two vehicles totaled: the car I had borrowed from my friend and the truck he collided with. For those uneducated, when they loan […]