The Worst Advice Speakers Get…and What to Tell Them

Speakers get nervous. It’s just natural. For most people, it’s an opportunity on a big stage to make a good impression – or not! Supporters try to help with what they think is good advice. Sometimes it is; but often it is not. In fact, some of the worst advice I’ve ever heard has been given to speakers by friends, […]

How to know if your Chanel sunglasses are original

cost If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Most Chanel sunglasses retail for around £200 (some significantly more, some a little less). If you see them advertised for much less than this, you should be wary of that particular store. Think beyond that store, where did these sunglasses come from? They were bought from the wholesaler, […]

The winningest quarterbacks in New York Jets team history

The New York Jets have had a somewhat bumpy ride throughout history as a professional football team. They haven’t always had the best talent, but even when they did, for whatever reason, it didn’t click for them. However, the team has loyal fans and has shown great promise in recent years. They started in the American Football League in 1960 […]

A visit to Skardu

Since childhood I dreamed of visiting the beautiful city of Skardu, in the northern area. I planned it many times but the plans could not materialize for one reason or another. Then it just so happened that the trip to Skardu was planned and implemented on very short notice when neither of us guessed. I would be meeting my longtime […]

Female Ejaculatory Discharge

Female ejaculatory discharge is quite normal unless there is a severe discoloration or odor following the discharge. If this happens, you may want to visit the doctor and have an exam. Ejaculate can vary in appearance, texture, and amount per discharge. This occurs after an extreme accumulation of pleasure through different methods. You can savor the download and it shouldn’t […]

Brainpower and Habits: The Noom Diet Can Be a Game Changer in Your Weight Loss Mission

One of the biggest challenges you face during your weight loss program is staying motivated because you don’t want to change your habits or simply don’t want to use the power of your mind to achieve your goal. Using the power of your mind can be the real game changer in your quest to lose fat or get fit. It’s […]

You can’t hire your way out of a retention crisis

I once worked with an organization in crisis. There was a mass exodus of employees. People were fed up with too many decisions that, shall we say, didn’t line up with their expectations. Geniuses with decades of experience were walking out the door. This organization did not think it had a problem. After all, they had no problem attracting new […]

Peace be your sanctuary

A healing sanctuary design specialist suggests solutions to create a symbiotic relationship between the user and the space. Regardless of what is occupied, a home, an office, a commercial or spiritual space, calm is created to restore the occupants to a quality state of being. Another way to describe this interior design service is that we create environments conducive to […]

Use of the word in the industry "car wash" versus "car wash" I consider

There seems to be some discrepancy in the car wash industry as to where the term “car wash” or “car wash” is more appropriate, that is, whether it’s all one word or two words. Okay, since I’ve been in the industry myself for almost 30 years before retiring, I’d like to discuss this with you for a moment and give […]

Baby Shower Poems – Secrets Revealed!

When it comes to “special holidays” in life, weddings and baby showers are at the top of the list! This article will reveal all the creative ways to use poems at baby showers. If you’re having or hosting a baby shower, consider using poems! Read the reasons I list below to see “why”. Our focus will be on these areas: […]