Choosing a backsplash with your granite or marble countertops

If you fell in love with a beautiful slab, pair it with a backsplash material that shows you at your best. You have chosen the granite countertop for its beauty and durability. Still not sure what to use for the backsplash? We have amassed some popular choices made by various designers, owners, and builders. Granite is complicated. There are so […]

Defining your living space: a reflection of style

What makes a house more than just a home are the personality touches and details that make it truly unique and unique. There are endless design options and the ability to infinitely personalize your home is the best reflection you can add of your own personal style and taste. The kitchen is the heart of the home, it is the […]

8 Better And Affordable Ways To Update Your Kitchen Without Remodeling

Planning a home remodel, including the kitchen? If yes, then you are in the right place. As you read this, you will learn ways that don’t put a hole in your pocket, but rather give your kitchen a new look. Yes, surprisingly, the shapes that we will talk about are affordable, but they will enhance and update your kitchen d├ęcor […]

Kitchen remodel: creating the kitchen of your dreams, with half the cost of remodeling

Whether you crave the kitchen of your dreams, or are just a seasonal DIYer who loves to keep busy, kitchen remodel is a project you will never regret. When you think about doing a complete kitchen remodel, it comes to mind to rip out all the cabinets and rewire or move the plumbing. It doesn’t have to be that difficult […]

Advantages and disadvantages of 5 popular materials for kitchen countertops

Countertops play a crucial role in setting the mood in a kitchen. They also have a functional role to play, serving as a suitable countertop for cooking, baking, prepping, and other needs. Such work surfaces in the kitchen can be made from many materials. Each of them works for different indoor environments and has its own set of advantages and […]

The high-tech look in kitchen designs

Due to all the recent developments in technology, homeowners can enjoy the increased comfort and ease of use that innovative kitchen products provide. Technology in the kitchen is helping to save time, making kitchen chores easier, and providing a more worry-free lifestyle for more families. Today’s homeowners are more tech-savvy and this makes the tasks of kitchen design professionals considerably […]

Eclectic Spanish Colonial Design

An old colonial home with refined taste and a touch of carefree vintage charm. The combination of old rustic patina doors and fresh clean lines, a blend of antique and modern, results in an exceptional curated home that is incredibly eclectic and beautiful. Renovating an old Spanish house from the 19020s completely upside down, but retaining every original detail so […]

Get the most out of your home with a kitchen remodel – you deserve the kitchen of your dreams!

From basic facelifts to full overhauls, kitchen remodel is the key to creating the kitchen of your dreams. Whether you’ve been dealing with an outdated cooking space for years or are just ready to upgrade to the latest and greatest in kitchen technology, now is a great time to re-imagine, recreate, and revitalize your kitchen. Contact your local kitchen remodeling […]

Design and construction of pool cabanas

If you are considering building a cabana to add functionality and beauty to your pool area, there are a few things to keep in mind in the planning stages. Once your cabana is built, it’s hard to go back in time, so pay attention to the details and find out exactly what you want your pool house cabana to be. […]

Officials can vote to tax large kitchens

If you’ve been following the news in Philadelphia, you probably know that the mayor has proposed a tax on sweet sodas and sugary drinks. As in New York City a few years ago, when the Board of Health tried to ban large soda and popcorn servings, he and his cohorts are convinced this will spell the end of obesity. I […]