How to Wear a Sari: North Indian Style

The sari is a traditional Indian garment (six meters of cloth that wraps a woman in a particular way) that has always fascinated people all over the world. People all over the world wonder how Indian women can wear a sari and walk and work in one. Six yards (5-5.5 meters) of fabric, which is not sewn, but wrapped around […]

"Shroud for a nightingale" by P. D. James

A young nursing student is killed during a demonstration at the Nightingale Training College; she acts as a patient and two companions demonstrate intragastric feeding. Food believed to contain milk turns out to be disinfectant, making Nurse Pearce’s death extremely painful. It occurs in the presence of Miss Beale, the Inspector of the General Nursing Council, which greatly damages the […]

Organize a scrapbook cutout: three inspiring ideas for you

You can be a consultant who wants to interest your clients to attend more of your events, or you can organize a harvest made up of a group of friends who get together to have fun. If you’re the Host/Consultant, it’s always good to have a few ideas up your sleeve to keep people inspired, including yourself! The beauty of […]

Motivational Stories: The Charice Pempengco Story

Charice Pempengco is a vocalist from the Philippines known for singing on The Ellen Degeneres Show and other famous TV shows, as well as being a guest on various talk shows in the United States. Known for her smash hits like Pyramid and Louder, not many people know about her life story that begins with humble beginnings. Charice was a […]

Small lumps on the penis? Maybe lichen nitlis

All men want to make sure they practice proper penile care, so hopefully they regularly examine their penises for signs of irregularities that need to be explored. (Hopefully, those irregularities aren’t there, but a man doesn’t know that unless he checks for them.) But when he spots something that’s different, it can be hard to tell if it’s cause for […]

Songwriter Confessions #1

Looking up this week after getting a reggae endorsement to sound like St Ann instead of St Felicity, I saw the usual little dark mist in the corner behind the left monitor speaker. At times I have absolutely believed this to be my best muse, back from a pizza run to the outer star belt. Or maybe just the golden […]

The Master List of Oils – Anubis-Arrow

Anubis: It is used when asking for the favors of the Egyptian god of embalming and the underworld. This is useful when trying to contact the spirits of those who have passed away or when asking for or needing justice. For this task, dress a personal candle with the oil and write your request on a piece of parchment. Place […]

Prostate Milking at Home – Doing Prostate Milking at Home Alone

Doing prostate milking alone at home takes practice. It is not difficult at all. You just need enough time to get familiar with the steps, and you’re well on your way to reaching your first prostate orgasm. Actually, you do not need a partner to achieve pleasurable orgasm by stimulating this prostate gland. The key to this bliss is practice. […]

Ivanko the Dragon Slayer: Adolescence

Little Ivanko was the strongest man in seven countries. Mariyka was very impressed. But the two little brothers, Ivanko and Mariyka, after being cruelly abandoned by their father, needed to find food and shelter. They had headed for the field they were now in from a dark forest, but now they desperately needed shelter. It was at that moment that […]

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – OCD and Fear of Leaving Fingerprints

There is a type of OCD where the sufferer is afraid to leave fingerprints because they feel that if a crime occurs later, they may be falsely accused of something they did not do. This is pretty weird, but it’s out there and I feel like someone should address it. What you need to realize is that if you have […]