How to flirt with a guy in a cute and girly way

There are flirtatious girls who can get a guy’s attention for a short time, and then there are those seemingly distant girls that all the guys are drooling over having as a girlfriend. While appearances can play an important role in getting a guy’s attention, the real key is knowing how to flirt with a guy without him thinking you’re […]

Should you give the spouse who cheated or had an affair the silent treatment?

It is natural that eventually you don’t have much to say to your cheating spouse. Well, let me clarify that. Many of us have a lot to say when we learn about the traps. And most of us say a lot (or yell a lot) as soon as the cat comes out of the bag. And we keep saying it. […]

Hit the big round of golf, but do you use a rock or a marshmallow ball?

In order for most of the energy to be transferred from the clubhead to the ball, you should not spend energy compressing a very soft, low compression ball too much, as more energy is expended when a club hits a very soft ball. (More on this later when we describe average swing speed when hitting a high compression ball.) A […]

Who is ALIAS?

ALIAS originates from the South Bronx, New York, but the music is also influenced by time spent in Miami, FL, Atlanta, GA, as well as the West Coast of Los Angeles, CA. His first album, “The World Ain’t Ready! Chapter I: Rise to Power”, symbolizes the internal conflicts that many of us face in order to survive in the world, […]

Gregor the Overlander Series Writer Review by Suzanne Collins

Flashplot: This series of five fantasy books follows the formula of many middle grade / YA quest fantasies: A child living a less than desirable life in our world suddenly finds himself in a fantasy world in which he has prophesied that will save the day. He makes allies and enemies, loses mentors, and falls in love. As a reader: […]

How many hours of sleep do you need?

Some people seem to need more sleep than others. If you sleep too little and feel alert, that could show both a sign of a health problem and when you need much more sleep than eight hours. Much research is currently being done on sleep and how it affects our functioning, our alertness, and our mental health. What is it […]

Jesus of the Bible vs. Jesus of the Roman Catholic Church

In the books of Matthew and Mark, Jesus asks his disciples: “Who do you say that I am?” Through wrong speculations, his disciples are not sure except Simon Peter. “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Evangelicals and Catholics agree with Jesus’ response to Simon. They both say that he came to this earth as a baby […]

Why is God sometimes late (John 11: 1-6)?

“When Jesus heard that Lazarus was dying, he waited to go because he wanted to do something more glorious,” says 11-year-old Josie. God may delay, but He is never late. The death of Lazarus serves as an excellent example of God’s delay in increasing his glory. Would God have been glorified if Jesus had healed Lazarus before he died? Absolutely! […]

The Playboy Bunny Costume: A Long Story

The costume worn by a Playboy bunny is one of the most recognized adult costumes in the world. Since it was introduced in the 60s, it has been among the most popular Halloween costume options for women. The outfit has become a symbol of the most beautiful women in the world, and it all started with a man who made […]

Seventies eccentrics

There were a lot of eccentric personalities in the late 1970s, and Olga Deterding, the heir to Shell oil, was one of them. It was not as wild as the characters in “Frantic,” my nostalgic early 1970s novel (“A white girl in a lion coat, with waist-length black Japanese hair, was leaning against the stage, articulating excruciating obscenities of her […]