The new American urbanism

American readers will be delighted with this: someone is trying to build a new America. – no Americans, that is. And, to be more specific, it is the European Union (EU), Putin’s New Russia and Capitalist China that are trying to do it. Everyone calls this trend the ‘New American Urbanism’. The New American Urbanism is what urban planners, architects, […]

Where have all the fathers gone?

At this time of year, my thoughts return to my father. He has been gone quite a while, but the memory of him lingers. I often wonder what he would think of what is happening in our world today if he came back. I grew up with a father who believed in being “the” father. I confess that he wasn’t […]

Football – Coloring pages Children must have five facts

Football coloring Boy, do you love football coloring books but you don’t know about pigskin game? Coloring Soccer Kid, would you think that five facts about soccer will bring you up to speed? Let us begin… Football history soccer fundamentals Organized football structure Player skill levels Football season 1.History of football American football comes from rugby football. The first major […]

Adventure Travel-Texas

Texas is huge and bigger is better, ask any Texan. Rumors of gold lead treasure hunters to Padre Island. You will only be able to visit one section of Texas in a vacation week. Each area offers a different ecosystem, always great regional cuisine, and a Texan perspective. The Texas Golf Coast area is for the sun worshiper in you. […]

Pick Awesome Wii Games

Lately in the world of video games many new consoles have been introduced. Choosing one can be difficult but one of the most popular and chosen is the Nintendo Wii. The Wii is chosen for many different reasons, such as its ability to play online, its motion and wireless play allowed, and most of all, the amazing games you can […]

Fire your stock analyst

The lack of knowledge of what it takes to move forward in the adventure of buying and selling stocks has discouraged many potential investors from investing in stocks in Nigeria and beyond. Even most of those who already trade stocks often burn their fingers due to inadequate knowledge of stock analysis. It was the desire to guide such people that […]

Grill Protectors: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Grill protectors seem like a pretty innocent purchase. After all, don’t they just protect a vehicle from debris and impacts? Any old man won’t do as long as he provides a barrier? That reasoning is wrong. If you need guards on your vehicle, chances are you already know what you’re protecting your car or truck from; choose the guards who […]

6 practical steps to use Instagram to promote your coaching business

In just 10 short years, Instagram has become a powerful marketing tool that savvy entrepreneurs are embracing. As of December 2020… Instagram has over 1 billion active users, which means your market almost certainly uses Instagram, and so do your competitors. ยท 67% of US adults use Instagram, so while it doesn’t have the reach of Facebook (yet), it’s definitely […]

The most popular Christmas toys of 2008

The 12 best gifts for Christmas 2008 “It’s been a challenging year for all businesses, but as a retailer I’m delighted to see innovation continue. Even in an economic downturn, kids still need exciting, value-for-money toys to keep them entertained and inspire their creativity.” The toys predicted to dominate children’s holiday lists this year are set to ignite dreams of […]

Are you looking for some good scary games for sleepovers?

A really scary game for kids to play is “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.” I used to play this with my girlfriends when I was younger, probably around 5th-8th grade (after that we were only interested in boys of course!) This game is similar to a Ouija board, and it can be just as scary! This is […]