Ellen Dolan Says It Was Stupid, Dumb Luck To Land Her Role As Maureen Reardon In Guiding Light

Susan Dansby: What was the process like when you got the role of Maureen? [Reardon] us guide light? Did you have to audition? Ellen Dolan: Yes, of course I auditioned for that. That came out of nowhere. I was only in New York for about a year, and had tried out for another role in Another world. And I think […]

H Marshall Gardiner – hand colored photograph

H. Marshall Gardiner (1884-1942) was born on September 18, 1884 into a family of photographers headed by his father, W. H. Gardiner. Apparently some sources list his first name as “Harry“, other sources list it as”Enrique“. Born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, his family immigrated to the United States around 1890. Once the family was established W. H. Gardiner He opened […]

How to have sex by teasing a girl with advances

I’m Jon Sinn and today I’m going to show you how you can go from the club to your bed just by making sexual jokes. Sexualized teasing is a great way to break the ice when it comes to the topic of sex. Humor is a great tool to soften the blow of a lewd comment. If a girl is […]

Apply and ask for permission in Filipino

Request in Filipino is pakiusap and this can mean please depending on the sentence. The pattern is to put the makiki prefix before any verb stem. Below are variations of the prayer to ask for a favor or request. Note that the root word used here is usap, which means to speak. Makikiusap means that I am applying. Lang: This […]

Exploring England: That One Tour Life

When did you last go on tour? Now I haven’t traveled in a long time, but let me tell you about the last time I traveled. So I had just graduated, right? My dad thought, “Oh, you’ve done great, kid. You deserve your braces and a present.” How could he say no to that? Who would say no anyway? I […]

Dermot Michael (Pat) O’Neill

Dermot O’Neill was born in 1905 in County Cork, Ireland. As a teenager he traveled to China and settled in Shanghai. In 1925, at the age of twenty, he joined the Shanghai Municipal Police. This police force made up of 9,000 active and reserve officers was tasked with bringing law and order to the International Settlement. While in Shanghai, O’Neill […]

Spanish to English Phrase Translation Guide

Easy translation of phrases from Spanish to English Learning Translation of phrases from Spanish to English it can be easy and it certainly is practical. You will undoubtedly have noticed how the Spanish language is becoming more popular all over the world and particularly in the United States. This trend is obvious at school, at the office, in the media […]

Cebuano English 1

Much can be learned by asking questions in Cebuano and then looking at their equivalent English phrases. As we all know, there is no substitute for learning a language than using it. This list of the most common questions used every day in “real life” Cebuano will be helpful for your introduction to the language. A. Common Question 1: “Where […]

How to hold your cards so others don’t see your hand

I’m a bridge player and one of the problems I get asked is how to hold your cards so that other players can’t see them. It sounds obvious and easy if you’re an experienced bridge player, but do you remember the first time someone gave you 13 cards and asked you to hold them in one hand? Do you remember […]

Who pays for care in a nursing home — Story of three friends

John, Doug, and Ben were all neighbors in a typical working-class neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They had all grown up together, best friends since childhood. John had always been taught to be careful with his money., saving for the proverbial rainy day. If she didn’t have enough money to pay for something in cash, she got by without it. His […]