Should the Pennsylvania lottery scandal scare you away from spending money on lottery tickets?

Some people don’t buy lottery tickets because they think the games are rigged. They point to a prominent example to prove their point: the Pennsylvania lottery scandal. This type of event scares them away from buying tickets. Should this worry you? Should this scandal stop you from buying tickets? What was the Pennsylvania lottery scandal? It was a plan by […]

How to Choose the Perfect Ragdoll Kitten for You

Pet owners agree that caring for an animal is quite a challenging task. You never realize this until you’ve had the experience of owning a pet. Just like raising a child, you need to be responsible, caring, and firm. When looking for the ideal Ragdoll kitten to become your pet for life, there are a few things to consider. Here […]

Adopting a wild Mustang: the pros and cons

Learn why you should or shouldn’t consider adopting a wild Mustang When Spanish explorers of centuries past first came to the western half of the Americas in search of gold and other valuables, they brought horses with them to facilitate their travels. Over time, some of the horses escaped and created a new breed of horse known as the wild […]

5 tips to establish yourself as an artist

Any artist who is interested in marketing and selling their work in galleries, art festivals, or online should know a few things before getting started. This article will discuss five main components beginning artists need to think about before embarking on their journey as a successful artist. The first is to believe in yourself. Second, create artwork that sells, and […]

Insider Tips: Improving Your Home Security

In the United States alone, a robbery occurs every 15 seconds. Nobody wants to be the victim of a crime of this type, which can have adverse effects on the life of their family, so it is up to each owner to take all possible measures to ensure a better level of residential security. Your home security surveillance should include […]

Rottweiler Dog Breed Profile

Description: The Rottweiler is a large, muscular dog that weighs between 80 and 130 pounds. The Rottweiler dog is 24 to 27 inches at the withers, and the bitch is generally 22 to 25 inches. The Rottweiler has a strong, broad head with a scissor bite. The body is deep and powerful. The usual coat color of the Rottweiler is […]

Arden Grange dog food provides a complete nutritional solution for all your pets needs.

A poor diet can leave your dog exhausted and tired, as well as prone to infections and ailments. Also, even if it has the best nutritional value, if a dog doesn’t enjoy his food every day, he will soon lose interest. It’s also important to note that poor digestion reduces your dog’s ability to absorb any goodness in the dog […]

My biggest dream is to visit you Africa

Africa here I come Who does not like to travel? Traveling is the best experience one can have in their life. With so many countries in the world to explore, I’m sure you would think that if he was rich enough, he would fly to the horizons of the world. From the North of Antarctica to the depths of the […]

Conversations with the Norse god Odin on a snowy road in Pennsylvania Part 1 "The accident"

Conversations with the Norse god Odin PART 1: The accident The snow started out as a light flurry, barely reaching the ground or sticking to the windshield. It was midnight and I was still 5 miles from the 6 freeway that would take me home. I didn’t like the small, narrow roads that crossed the Pocono Mountains. They were always […]

Bast, the Beloved Protector of Cats

She is the protector of cats, women and children. The ancient Egyptians celebrated her feast day on October 31 with revelry, music, dancing in the streets, and drinks with friends—the kind of party we would instantly recognize. A huge week-long festival was held in the holy city of Bubastis which drew devotees from all over the country to celebrate along […]