How to get more out of video marketing by avoiding two common challenges

Are you currently recording videos on a daily basis to share with your prospects? Are you uploading videos that pique interest on YouTube, Facebook, and other video sites? Has the fear of what to say or do in a video keep you from doing it regularly? Video marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to business owners […]

Pros and cons of DBaaS-Database as a Service

DBaaS allows you to test multiple solutions and only purchase the licenses and hardware you need to be successful. Almost all companies these days focus on data. Whether the data is for internal applications and systems, or for other services on offer, let’s face it … Data management is the key to success. Before listing the pros and cons of […]

Best Canadian Toys for Kids

America’s adorable northern neighbors, Canada, make quality toys for children of all ages. Canada has more than just hockey and snow, you know. One of the most popular Canadian toys is the Q-BA-MAZE, a big name too. These are marble maze toys that allow you to build an infinite number of structures with interlocking transparent cubes. Once the structure is […]

How to count in blackjack: remembering the count

The act of counting cards itself is relatively easy. Plus one, minus one, zero … child’s play, right? Incorrect. As any professional blackjack player will tell you, the difficulty is not counting the cards, butremembering the accountt.This is what separates the tricks from the pros. Take it from me, I foreverI used to forget the account, especially after playing for […]

3 Absolutely Awesome Aerobic Workouts to Lose Fat and Burn Calories – Get Mind-blowing Results

Everyone wants to get their body in shape quickly. There are several ways to get your body in shape and lose some weight, but nothing comes close to aerobics. Aerobics are one of the best and fastest possible ways to lose weight really fast and burn calories like crazy. Read on to discover some of the most effective aerobic exercises […]

What are Twin Flames and Soulmates?

What are soul mates? Soulmates are two souls that were created when the same energetic unit was divided into two separate and complete halves in the Universal Womb of all Creation by Mother-Father God. Soulmates are born together on the energy plane in a manner comparable to twin babies born together on the physical plane when a zygote divides into […]

The natural dog nose is super sensitive – why does it smell like a dog?

When I see our dog, Eby, snooping in the garden around my house, I sometimes try to imagine what he is smelling. It’s like a shopaholic at a thrift sale, smelling anything and everything that comes your way. And almost every dog ​​I have met knows that the best way to discover and obtain their favorite thing is through the […]

Americana Podcast – The 51st State

Americana Podcast The Americana Podcast was started by Robert Earl Keen, who has worked in the music industry for 30 years and released 19 albums. He is a genre-bending singer/songwriter who has long been interested in the Americana music scene. His passion for this genre has led him to host the Americana Podcast. He plans to host the show as […]

Strength Exercise and Vertical Jump Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard is 6 “11 and 265 pounds, but he wasn’t always that powerful. Since coming to the NBA he has hit hard and gotten a lot stronger. In fact, since his rookie year he has increased his press. bench from 185 to 360. That’s almost double! So what’s Dwight Howard’s workout routine? Let’s find out … Dwight Howard has […]

10 Twitter Tips: How to Get Invited to the Dance

I have held various leadership positions in marketing during my career and I am very comfortable with new technologies. I have launched pioneering products, started new business models, and created entirely new market segments within the technology industry. My point is, I usually get things done pretty quickly, but I have to confess that Twitter really stumped me for a […]