Green Bay Packers 2006 Preview

Since 2001, the Green Bay Packers have won fewer games than the previous year. Their alarming slide came to the fore last season when they finished a paltry 4-12. The team was plagued with injuries and problems. It seemed that the last season of Brett Favre would be to forget. However, Favre has decided to return for a fifteenth season […]

Weight loss and healthy living: the perfect combination

Weight loss and a healthy life should always go hand in hand. It is important to note that being thin does not equal being healthy. Therefore, a healthy weight loss regimen should be adopted if you want to lose weight. Unhealthy expectations America has been rocked by the weight loss craze. We see it on TV and in the news: […]

Jimmy, pass the chalk!

There has been a lot of talk in the HIIT community and HIT forums about abbreviated workouts; doing a training of one or two series. On hearing this for the first time, the layman who has not been trained in the HIT fashion would dismiss it as a ridiculous statement. I guarantee you that this type of training is nothing […]

hip hop dance

Hip hop dance is a form of urban ethnic dance that has gained popularity in recent days. It is more common than the break dance of modern times. Hip hop dancing began as part of hip hop culture in the early 1900s, when young people in and around the Bronx, New York, began dancing in the streets. Hip hop dance […]

Five interesting facts about the USC Trojans and Los Angeles Rams quarterback Pat Haden

Pat Haden had a relatively short NFL career, but he was a memorable player. He starred at the University of Southern California, winning two national championships and reaching three Rose Bowls, including being named co-MVP of the 1975 Rose Bowl. He then had a productive career in the pros before turning to broadcasting, earning his law degree and eventually returning […]

Pregnancy Related Conditions Effectively Treated With Acupuncture

Acupuncture is good for treating many uncomfortable conditions and problems associated with pregnancy. Prevent miscarriage. Treatments 1-2 times per week help prevent miscarriage or early pregnancy loss by reducing sympathetic nervous system activity, reducing stress, and stimulating blood flow to the developing embryo. Spotting (subchorionic hematoma). Acupuncture used with a technique called moxibustion can help reduce or eliminate bleeding from […]

More portable than brain

I am not writing on behalf of a search engine. I do not work in any capacity for a search engine. But the other day apparently I had more laptop than brain and I found a site about strangely stupid questions that computer users have consulted online. Computer users wanted answers to these questions. Actually. I have no idea if […]

Baltimore Orioles 2006 Preview

Summary of 2005: Before the All-Star break, the Baltimore Orioles were playing like they were destined for one of those dream seasons. On June 21, Baltimore led by two games over the division rival Boston Red Sox and had posted an impressive 42-28 record. The Orioles were also just 24 days away from celebrating Rafael Palmeiro’s 3,000th career hit and […]

Blind Side head coach gets his dream job

Who will forget Sandra Bullock’s constant complaining to coach Burt Cotton in the Academy Award-winning film The Blind Side? The story of Michael Oher and his journey to the NFL is a moving one, and now it might be time to start a sequel. Coach Cotton in the movie is actually Coach Hugh Freeze, a Mississippi native who landed his […]

Ghana Life: Even More About Ghana’s Snakes

Readers of these Ezine articles may be surprised that someone who knows almost nothing about reptiles would publish three articles on snakes, but on reflection it seems that life in Kumasi in the 1970s and 1980s was one long sentence punctuated by snakes. That is not to say that one was tripping over the wriggling substances every day, or emulating […]