Three Things Every HOA Board Member Should Know

As a property manager, I enjoy the dynamics of working with condominium boards and HOAs. Essentially, the Board runs the Association along with the volunteer owners in an effort to keep property values ​​high through proper maintenance of common areas, maintaining uniformity, and ensuring positive curb appeal. The Association works closely with the property manager to set goals for the […]

hip hop dance

Hip hop dance is a form of urban ethnic dance that has gained popularity in recent days. It is more common than the break dance of modern times. Hip hop dancing began as part of hip hop culture in the early 1900s, when young people in and around the Bronx, New York, began dancing in the streets. Hip hop dance […]

USA High School Track and Field Records and Current Best Performances of 2008

Performance results in athletics are easily understandable across time zones and cultures around the world. Unlike words and their pronunciation in different languages, numbers need no explanation to be understood. It also helps that the metric system of measuring distances is dominant around the world. Track and field competitors around the world are interested in comparing their performances with athletes […]

What is GPS tracking in real time?

Many new inventions in the modern world benefit all the people all over the world. One of the best inventions of this century is GPS. Do you know what real-time GPS tracking is all about? The Global Positioning System or GPS is made up of 24 satellites that provide all GPS receivers in different parts of the world with three-dimensional […]

Change management at the point of sale management level of the unit

Most MBA classes focus on managing change at the corporate boardroom and CEO level, yet for each corporate board of directors there can be hundreds or even thousands of outlets and subdivisions. Change management cycles are equally important to same-store sales, company profits, and unit-level efficiencies. If team members and management at the store’s point-of-sale level don’t work together, then […]

Drawer Pulls – The perfect way to complete the look of an updated dresser

You have this old chest of drawers in storage and your hope was always to restore it one day. Well, after many, many years of thinking about it, you’ve decided to tackle the project and one thing you need to do is buy some new handles for it. New drawer pulls would be an amazing way to finish off the […]

Squidoo Lens Creation – Earn money and donate to charity using Squidoo

Are you a humanitarian or an environmentalist who wants to help other foundations but don’t have the money? Do you have a warm heart and do you feel good when you help other people? If you answered yes to these questions, you should write and win for your cause! Thanks to Squidoo, you can turn your free time and knowledge […]

MLM Leadership – Part 2 – What to Do

Last night I was watching a Chick Christmas movie with my husband and daughter (want to give your wife a big free Christmas present? Watch a girl with her, hold her in your arms and pass her a Kleenex when she needs it and all without making a single comment about how stupid she is and she will love you.. […]

Get rid of man boobs! home workout solution

First of all, I don’t want to cheat on you. There is no ‘secret’ exercise that will magically make your man boobs disappear. HOWEVER, let’s take a look at some strategies we can employ that have a good chance of helping you get rid of man boobs: Boost testosterone with strength workouts that focus on lifting HEAVY for low reps […]

The Most Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Acne Forever Revealed! Here’s how to get clear skin in 8 weeks

If you are looking for the best system to get rid of acne, this is the article you want to read right now. For your benefit, I urge you to take just 5 minutes to read this article. In this article you will find the best system to end acne forever in less than 8 weeks. I don’t know you […]