Buckhead Atlanta is truly the Beverly Hills of the South

In the heart of the South, just north of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, you’ll find Beverly Hills of the South, none other than Buckhead. Atlantans will be the first to tell you that Buckhead’s shopping rivals those on Rodeo Drive; the homes in the area are as palatial as any you can find in the 90210 zip code; and the food […]

Seventies eccentrics

There were a lot of eccentric personalities in the late 1970s, and Olga Deterding, the heir to Shell oil, was one of them. It was not as wild as the characters in “Frantic,” my nostalgic early 1970s novel (“A white girl in a lion coat, with waist-length black Japanese hair, was leaning against the stage, articulating excruciating obscenities of her […]

Time to take a look at LinkedIn

LinkedIn has many wonderful attributes and a ton of capabilities and possibilities. You may have a LinkedIn account, but you may not be taking advantage of it as much as you can or should. If you haven’t already done so, the first thing to do is make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete. Without a doubt, people will see your […]

Timeshare sale on eBay

Many timeshare owners are trying to get rid of their shared property, which is reflected in the resale market, especially on online auction sites like eBay. It is no secret that the economy is getting tough and that everyone is more aware of the value of money. Prices are constantly increasing and the importance of economizing is now enormous. The […]

Zero Radius, Small Radius, or Square Kitchen Sinks

Zero radius stainless steel sinks were the first “square sinks” to be introduced to the market. They provide a stylish and modern look. Today in 2018, most of the kitchen and bathroom industry publications show variations of these square products. This original Zero Radius unit had sharp square corners. They are made of a flat piece of steel. The sides […]

The Biggest Question: Why Should You Buy a Used Car?

A rapidly growing car market can only mean one thing – a high-growth car market for used cars. Buying an old or second-hand car makes perfect sense, even if it’s not like buying a new car. You have to be patient when looking for used vehicles. Benefits of buying a used car: • Lowest price tag • Descriptive laundry • […]

How to Make Calls That Generate Network Marketing Leads

You may still be using old techniques to generate network marketing leads with success. That is if you have great contact methods. Many of us go to the office on the day of our presentation and move and chat with each other about nothing really just to avoid talking on the phone. But have you ever been hanging around the […]

Nurofen For Children Dosage Information

Nurofen For Children Nurofen For Children is an anti-inflammatory pain reliever medication designed specifically for children aged seven to twelve. It contains bromelain, which helps reduce inflammation. The product is made up of two active ingredients; one that will help relieve pain and one that aids in rebuilding cartilage in painful areas. It’s double the strength of other Nurofen For […]

How to Start a Roasted Corn Business

Corn roasting is a simple but very profitable small investment. Successful corn roasters make a full-time living working only the summer months. To start a roasted corn business, you will need to acquire business permits and licenses from the health department and the state. The following is a typical checklist for starting your business. 1. Decide on the size and […]

How to set up an intermittent fasting diet

Welcome to Intermittent Fasting 101. This is a basic manual or setup guide that I personally use for intermittent fasting to lose fat. Here is the extremely basic summary of how it works: * On training days, eat 9 hours a day and fast the remaining 15. * Days of rest or cardio, eat 6 hours a day and fast […]