Sail through the sunny state of Florida

Make splashes in Florida A swimming record at 64! Yes, that’s what happened in September 2013 when swimmer Diana Nyad made history. He became the first person to swim the distance from Cuba to Florida (110 miles), and that too without using a shark cage. It took him approximately 53 hours to get to Florida. Florida shores always have great […]

USA Biker Party Experience

Annie is a Caucasian friend and coworker. I am African and we have been working together for three years and I have personally invited her to various African parties. From her experiences at those parties, I don’t know, all I know is that, she always tells me that she enjoyed African food and enjoyed talking to the Africans that she […]

Doing the math on “net neutrality”

I will try to keep this simple to avoid getting confused. There was a time when men were men and they signed information exchange agreements over the Internet in bars over a beer, writing the terms and conditions on a napkin over a handshake. Returning down through UUnet and PSINet and the old MCI, etc. & etc., these grandfathered arrangements […]

If the experience and training in the distribution centers is so bad: why don’t the statistics show it?

A new hotel employee was asked to clean the elevators and report to the supervisor when the task was completed. When the employee didn’t show up at the end of the day, the supervisor assumed that, like many others, he just hadn’t liked the job and left. However, after four days, the supervisor ran into the new employee. I was […]

Modular kitchen: Revolutionize the interior design of your home!

Many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of their home. They give it more importance than considering it a mere place to cook. Consequently, they strive to combine kitchen functionality with style and aesthetic essentials, which is primarily called modular kitchen. This includes both high-tech appliances with their pioneering accessories tailored to create a brilliant kitchen. This turns […]

Simple ways to brand your service business

For a product-based business, customer loyalty is based on the quality of its products. However, when you offer a service, building a loyal customer base becomes a bit more complicated. Obviously, it can be done, but with a proper strategy. Instead of your products being the brand, it becomes you and your workers. That is why it is essential to […]

My early Christmas gift from God

I used to remember when I was a little boy waiting for Santa’s presents under our Christmas tree every Christmas Eve and it makes me very happy that he never stops sending me his Christmas present. And I remembered that I was already 12 years old when my mother had revealed to me that Santa Claus is not true and […]

Short guide to herbalism for WoW

In WoW, there are two types of professions: one is the primary profession and the other is the secondary profession. You can only choose two primary professions at a time, although you can learn from all secondary professions. Herbalism complements alchemy and inscription very well. This herbalism guide will help you learn the ins and outs of this profession. {Uses […]

Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners

Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners People on a budget who just want to work out at home without buying an expensive gym membership should look to kettlebell workouts. These workouts are effective for burning calories and building muscle. Kettlebells come in various weights ranging from 4 kilograms to more than 50 kilograms. Beginners should start with a weight that is comfortable […]

Helpful Tips on Buying Pet Supplies and Products

Pets are amazing companions and can really make a home feel even more homey. When you choose to have a pet, be it a dog, a cat, or even a fish and other types of pets, you need to find the best ways to take good care of it. Taking care of pets takes patience and hard work and can […]