Virtual reality: why this time is different

Let’s start with a quick introduction to the history of virtual reality. Virtual reality was created in 1965 by Ivan Sutherland: he created the “Definitive Screen”, a device that could superimpose metallic structure interiors in a room. The military was simultaneously researching and investing in the potential of virtual reality for simulation and flight training. The VR industry continued to […]

Is your cougar net empty? How to write a winning online profile

One of the problems with trying to connect with people online is getting their attention. There is a lot of competition and the cougars are selective. They know what they want, which also means they know what they don’t want. If older men are no longer inspiring, don’t follow in their footsteps. Cougars are looking for fun, excitement and someone […]

Smoky Mountain Cabin Rentals: Questions To Ask

One of the most sought after vacations in the US is a stay in the Smoky Mountains. The Smokies lie along the Tennessee-North Carolina border and are home to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the most visited park in the country. The preferred method of vacationing is by renting cabins. Now when most people think of cabins, the vision […]

A profile of Johnny Miller

We all know from his television comments with the American network NBC that Johnny Miller can speak what is talked about, but for a time, in the mid-1970s, he did too, probably better than anyone else who has stepped on a golf course. Everyone he competed against, including Nicklaus, Watson, Weiskopf and Trevino, knew that if Miller blew up, he […]

7 Places to Sell Your Used iPhone for the Biggest Payment

Where can you sell your smartphone to get the highest payment? According to statistics, about 90% of US citizens own a cell phone. Apart from this, the average lifespan of a smartphone is around a year and a half. After this period of time has passed, most people sell their old phone and buy a new one. If you’ve been […]

PAGA cases detained by arbitration: mice and elephants

THE CASE PAYS AND THE ARBITRATION: BACKGROUND. If it is nobler to bear the slings and arrows of scandalous fortune and thereby represent the public good, or submit to the charge of a leech feeding others the soul of California’s economy, that is the question. And it will be decided by an appeals court one day, but until then, we […]

Defining your living space: a reflection of style

What makes a house more than just a home are the personality touches and details that make it truly unique and unique. There are endless design options and the ability to infinitely personalize your home is the best reflection you can add of your own personal style and taste. The kitchen is the heart of the home, it is the […]

How do you choose the right RV?

The biggest benefit of buying an RV is that you can take your home with you wherever you go. You can enjoy the same comforts that you enjoy from home in this type of vehicle, making your road trip more enjoyable. They also make camping fun even for the whole family. But whatever your needs, you will still need to […]

Content marketing demand over native advertising

It has been a confusing task for brands to choose between content marketing and native advertising. However, there is a famous quote from Seth Godin, “Content marketing is all the marketing you left. “Users prefer and love well-written content. Research says 45% of consumers find sponsored content more relevant advertising than others. SEO value and increasing rankings, it also shows […]

Children’s songs: Where have all the traditional songs gone?

If you are reading this article, you probably also have a young child or two running around creating havoc. If, like me, you are wondering where all the traditional nursery rhymes have gone, I am here to remedy the situation! Do you remember traditional nursery rhymes from your kindergarten years like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Old […]