Joan De Venecia – Bar Topnotcher

Joan de Venecia majored in Legal Administration at the Ateneo de Manila University, graduating with honors in 2001. She then went on to study law at the University of the Philippines College of Law. She also graduated as the valedictorian of her class with cum laude distinction. During her time at UP, she conducted legal research titled “The Silent Witness […]

Why We Celebrate Sobriety Anniversaries in Alcoholics Anonymous

Sometime in the spring of 1991, I was in a meeting. Now mind you, I had been to many meetings before, but this particular meeting brought new meaning to me. You see, at that point I started to understand what people were reading, at the beginning of the meeting. How It Works, The Serenity Prayer, The Promises, etc. all started […]

Should the Pennsylvania lottery scandal scare you away from spending money on lottery tickets?

Some people don’t buy lottery tickets because they think the games are rigged. They point to a prominent example to prove their point: the Pennsylvania lottery scandal. This type of event scares them away from buying tickets. Should this worry you? Should this scandal stop you from buying tickets? What was the Pennsylvania lottery scandal? It was a plan by […]

How to safely store animal mounts in self-storage

Whether you have a large taxidermy collection that you want to store for safekeeping or just need to temporarily store animal mounts during a home remodel, it’s important to give some thought to how they’re stored. This guide will help you prepare your mounts and choose the right storage option to prevent damage from insects and sunlight. How to pack […]

Log cabin siding – is it a good idea?

Log cabin siding is an idea that isn’t that new, but it is new to some. Basically, it is the application of half logs on the exterior of an already built standing house, to be used as cladding. There are some benefits besides the obvious aesthetics of a healthy, rustic, romantic look to a log home, and in truth, to […]

Is the LifePath Unlimited Business Opportunity Right for You?

LifePath Unlimited is a personal development company that offers services and products to help people reach their full personal and financial potential. As a distributor, you sell these personal development products and services to help people develop personally. My job is simply to give you the real facts. I want to provide you with as much information as possible so […]

Superstitions at the roulette table – The meaning of the numbers

Meanings of the numbers from 0 to 36 0 – The number 0 is one of the most significant numbers, but when it comes to roulette, it is the number that gives the house edge, so it is not a lucky number for us, it is a number of the Good luck to the casino owners. 1 – They say […]

5 Ways to Leverage App Development for Your Business

According to global research by Accenture Mobility in 2015, the majority of senior executives across all key industries considered apps critical to their business, especially in light of the digital ecosphere many corporations are building around the experience. and customer commitment. Of course, today, app technology is commonly integrated into the entire customer experience, from major product innovators like Tesla […]

How Key Performance Indicators Can Improve Your Online Presence

KPI or Key Performance Indicator metrics translate complex measures into simple indicators, which allow decision makers to assess the situation quickly and efficiently and find an answer. For them to work smoothly in your business, you need to keep one singularly key point in mind: all KPIs need to be actionable. Which means they need to report on the metrics […]

Make Math Fun: Top 10 Reasons Printable Math Games Motivate Teachers, Parents, and Your Students

Using printable math games to engage students in math is an easy and cost-effective way to spark interest and give students a different but creative way to reinforce math concepts. At the same time, you are making math fun in the classroom and/or at home. Here are the ten awesome reasons why! Number ten: It’s very cheap! Downloading a variety […]