Rockstar Energy Drink Is Looking For Hot Girls For Promotions – How To Become A Rockstar Girl For Promotions

Rockstar energy drink is kicking ass and they are looking for some hot promo girls to boost their brand image. Rockstar energy drink is known for its fun and exciting parties. They have a huge mansion in the Hollywood hills and they really have fun like Rockstars. If you’ve ever been to a special event, you’ve probably seen the Rockstar […]

Secrets of the Freemason’s Book – Chamber of Reflection and Alchemy in Masonic Philosophy

REFLECTION ROOM “Let your heart, then, be perfect with the Lord our God, to walk in his statutes and to keep his commandments…” 1 Kings 8:61 According to Jewish literature and traditions, great care was taken of the personal condition of each Israelite who entered the Temple for Divine worship. The Talmud dictated the following requirements: “No man shall enter […]

Could Computers and the Internet REALLY Replace TESOL English Teachers?

a controversial question At ELT English TESOL seminars, workshops, and conferences, a question I am frequently asked is whether I believe computers will eventually replace English teachers. I go back to the movie “Matrix”. In one of the first scenes, our neophyte hero “Neo” is learning Kung Fu while being connected to a computer. A few hours later, he opens […]

Books What (sic) I read in 2014: 6 – ‘Plan For Chaos’

In the well-established collection of ‘logical fantasy’ fiction written by John Wyndham comes a new title, some forty years after his death in March 1969. Wyndham is well known for dreaming of the ‘Triffids’ – giant walking plants with poisonous bites. , which can digest human flesh (among other things). Originally developed for their oil and carefully cultivated, these plants […]

Methods on How to Earn Money Online Writing Articles

There are many ways to earn money writing articles online. Here are some of the proven ways that can help you make money online from your articles. Write articles with good keywords Since articles can help your website rank high in search engines, more and more business people are writing articles or hiring writers to write for them online. However, […]

What are the most common mattress problems?

Mattresses should be seen as one of the most important investments we have to make in our lives. Although, in my opinion, a house is still a major investment, some people insist that buying a mattress is much more beneficial than buying a car. Because? We only spend a third of our lives sleeping, that’s why. The mattress is also […]

Interpretation and the Spirit of the Law

Whether one likes President Kennedy or not, few would deny that he was one of the seminal personalities of postwar history. He was the leader of the most powerful nation in the world and, by implication, of what some would call the Free World, at a time when international tensions had probably never been higher. Those who remember the Cuban […]

The art of dictation: getting it right the first time

Imagine that you are invited to the White House for dinner and instead of using the proper fork for your salad, you use a spoon. It is obvious that a spoon would not be an appropriate utensil for a salad, not to mention inappropriate dinner etiquette. So why do most lawyers use inappropriate dictation etiquette? The answer is simple, many […]

Manhattan Clam Chowder – Give it the praise it deserves!

I went to college in Boston, Massachusetts, so I’m familiar with New England clam chowder. When he went out to dinner, which was not often, he always asked for it. In fact, I was in the mood for clam chowder. Hands down, this buttery, creamy, sticky short rib soup is delicious, especially on a winter’s night. My love of New […]

Mobile Friendly Insurance Agency Website Checklist

Since more than 50% of website visitors and email recipients view information on their mobile devices, and many do so from their social media platforms, it’s always a good idea to check your insurance agency’s website. to ensure that your current and potential customers have a positive user experience on the website. . Here are some key areas to focus […]