How to make your Windows energy efficient

Energy efficient vinyl windows They are the best solution if you want to reduce heat losses in your home. The US Department of Energy stated that energy efficient windows can reduce heating or cooling costs by 20-30%. If you want to save some money this winter and can’t afford to replace your vinyl windows, here are some tips to improve […]

Travel to Bhutan

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to Bhutan? My husband and I went in 2008, with our son who was two years old at the time. Bhutan is a small country located between Nepal and China. When we went, they were completing an extended highway connecting the two main cities of Bhutan, Thimphu and Paro, […]

The Harlem Globetrotters: Unsung Heroes of Professional Basketball

When you look at the history of professional basketball, the Harlem Globetrotters always get a polite mention, but they rarely get the praise they deserve. This team is arguably responsible for both the popularization of professional basketball and the acceptance of black players in professional basketball. That sounds like an outlandish claim, but a look at the team’s history backs […]

Aruba: a romantic paradise

A perennial favorite for honeymooners and others looking for a romantic trip, Aruba is known for its year-round high temperatures and gorgeous white-sand beaches. This is the perfect destination for couples who love to relax on the beach, go shopping, play games, enjoy great nightlife and practice water sports. WHAT TO DO: For those who love the water, opportunities abound […]

Master the art of tattooing

The art of tattooing is one of the oldest art forms known to mankind. Tattooing has been a form of personal expression and body ornamentation since prehistoric times. Both tribal cultures and highly developed civilizations such as ancient Rome and Egypt used tattooing as an art form. Throughout the centuries and in countries all over the world, people have felt […]

Learning Management System (LMS) Vs Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

E-learning has brought learning options to an organization that are not only less expensive, but also more flexible than face-to-face training. Although e-learning would never replace the “human touch” that face-to-face training is privileged, it is in fact that current technologies allow the creation of electronic courses that are relevant, attractive, participatory and with “a fun element”. . As an […]

Letter Writing Techniques: Good News Letters vs. Bad News Letters

There are different strategies and techniques to discuss when writing good news and bad news letters. In good news letters to a writer he is conveying good news to the recipient. The first paragraph (introduction) provides the subject of the good news (reason for the letter). The second paragraph (discussion) provides the details of the good news, and the third […]

How to get rid of onion smell

Depending on the variety, an onion can be strong, spicy, sour, pungent, mild, or sweet. They are commonly used as a base for curries, or made into a paste and eaten as a main dish or as a side dish. Unfortunately, after chopping onions, you may notice that you still have the smell of them on your hands for many […]

Genius Principle: Word Thinking vs. Concept Thinking

I once read about an interesting and invented word – “obsolete”. Obsolete means “obsolete knowledge”. That is, information that USED to be true… But due to our rapidly changing world, it is no longer true. And when we don’t realize that, then we have problems: making decisions based on assumptions that WERE valid once, but NOW are not. Now, obsolete […]

Watercolor versus gouache: a review of the differences and creative limitations

One of the questions that people who come to our store frequently ask is “What is the difference between watercolor and gouache?” They assume that since both are soluble in water, watercolor and gouache are the same. Some think that maybe gouache is just another fancy name for acrylics, since they are also water soluble. But it’s not like that. […]