The fascination of the miniature dollhouse

Over the years I have had the pleasure of meeting and meeting many miniatures enthusiasts. What fascinates you about seeing familiar objects in a tiny, realistic way? Much more than a child’s toy, building dollhouses and ultimately decorating and furnishing them with a theme of your choice, has become a hobby for adults. The only way to improve that is […]

Instructions for living life the easy way

It is said that humans are so linear that we always need someone to give us steps or instructions before taking action. Well that’s right. WE ARE human and we NEED step-by-step instructions to help us learn new things. Otherwise, we waste ourselves wasting time and energy, making unnecessary mistakes. Those who have gone before, walking in the forefront of […]

Can you live green in prefab log cabins?

As we face a world impacted by global warming, many of us are turning to green living as a means to reduce our carbon footprint and help heal the planet in any way we can. Finding the right house is a big part of that, as the wrong materials could severely damage the surrounding environment or cause toxic air pollution. […]

10 cool smartphone apps to try

Now that you’ve bought your iPhone or Android, you’re probably already in the app store shopping for games and other add-on tools. Veteran smartphone owners may warn you not to go overboard by applying too many, so that you end up scrolling through screen after screen to get to something important. It’s fun to experiment with new apps while trying […]

Lines of Credit vs. Loans: Small Businesses

Loans or Lines of Credit: Which is better for your business? When you own a small business, finding the right kind of financing is the key to growth. There are many options available today, but the two most common options are business loans and business lines of credit. Answer these questions before selecting the best way to finance your business: […]

Pot racks – make a statement in your kitchen

One of the most beautiful, versatile and efficient accessories that you could incorporate into your kitchen is the pot rack. Adding a custom pot rack brings style, grace and organization to your kitchen workspace, and makes an elegant and sophisticated statement that is second to none. Available in as many styles and finishes as you can imagine, they bring an […]

5 reasons why you should drive an electric vehicle (EV)

Electric cars are no longer a dream. They are here today, and in the years to come there will be many more models and options available to the consumer. With fuel prices rising ever higher and the environmental impact that traditional burning of fossil fuels brings, you may be considering making the switch to an alternative. Here are 5 reasons […]

Is it worth investing in Dragon Ball Z action figures?

Many of us have been introduced to action figures from a young age. At first, maybe we only got to play with our friends’ toys, but eventually there came a time when we liked a character so much that we teased our parents about it. The interesting fact that I have noticed these days is that much of what is […]

The advantages and disadvantages of transcribing

As a virtual assistant, one of the services you might consider offering your clients is transcription. While it sounds easy enough (you listen to an audio tape and just write down what you hear), it’s much more complicated than that. There are pros and cons that you should consider before making a decision to offer transcription services. According to the […]

Manchester City ready to pounce on hapless West Ham United

It is not the best of times for reigning English Premier League champions Manchester City. They are currently behind league leaders Liverpool by a whopping 25 points and, to add insult to injury, UEFA recently suspended them for two seasons from UCL competition for breaching financial fair play rules. Against the backdrop of the uncertainties surrounding the suspension and the […]