3 and 4 star hotels in Dubai

Real estate companies are increasingly looking to build more three and four star hotels in Dubai these days. Dubai has had a boom in recent years trying to become the recreation center of the Middle East. A large number of tourists, in addition to its expat community, flock to the streets of Dubai every year. This has given a huge […]

Gregor the Overlander Series Writer Review by Suzanne Collins

Flashplot: This series of five fantasy books follows the formula of many middle grade / YA quest fantasies: A child living a less than desirable life in our world suddenly finds himself in a fantasy world in which he has prophesied that will save the day. He makes allies and enemies, loses mentors, and falls in love. As a reader: […]

Hiring an iPhone Developer: Some Tips You Need to Know

It’s no secret that Apple’s mobile operating system, called iOS, is one of the leading platforms in the mobile industry. Thanks to the dominant position of the iPhone alongside its siblings, the iPad and the iPod touch, iOS currently ranks second in terms of market share, behind only Google’s Android. The success of iOS can certainly be attributed to Apple’s […]

Benefits of a ceramic spoon holder

For some, cooking is a burden, while for others it is a pleasant hobby. But whether you enjoy it or not, cooking can be very messy and sticky most of the time. This is especially true when you don’t know where to put the spoon while cooking. Cleaning up spills on your countertops makes the task a bit more of […]

How to Get Limousine Financing for a Startup Business

Many entrepreneurs like the glamor of starting a limousine business, but the path to their Success may be a bit more complicated than one might anticipate. This article will focus on the financial aspect of the initial investment and will try to give those who want to be limousine entrepreneurs a reasonable assessment of what to expect. Today, most typical […]

Adding an Online Quiz Creator to Your Coaching Business – A Recipe for Success

Over the past decade, coaching businesses have been flourishing rapidly. According to the Crisil Research report, in the year 2014-15, the tutorial business experienced a market growth of almost 75,629 crore which increased remarkably from 40,187 crore which was in the year 2010-11. In 2015, a study by Global Industry Analysts stated that the global private tutoring market is projected […]

Using an Olive Oil Lice Treatment: How to Get Rid of Lice in Just 2 Hours

Recently, many anxious parents have turned to natural home remedies to treat their children for lice as a safer alternative to over-the-counter and prescription pesticidal shampoos and creams. One of the most popular and easily accessible remedies is an olive oil lice treatment. Before looking for ways to effectively use this simple everyday product to get rid of lice, you […]

Suicide: the final taboo

“We must illuminate the dark corners of taboo and stigma. We must silence the loud voices of ignorance.”— Adina Wrobleski. In today’s political environment, it is extremely difficult to watch the evening news or read the morning newspaper without remembering terrorism and suicide bombers. Still, the social conspiracy of silence on suicide is very much alive and prosperous. No topic […]

Why You Should Follow a Plant-Centered Diet

Plant-centered diets range from eating only plants to diets that include some meats and animal products. Here are some of the many you can follow: Vegan… is in the extreme only plants end of the spectrum. Vegans eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, and whole grains. But they exclude all foods of animal origin from their diet … these include […]

The devil, the cat and the curious story of the skulls

On October 13, 1307, while the Templars were being arrested, the Templar Fleet stationed at La Rochelle quietly slipped away. According to tradition and much evidence, he kept the records of the Order, and the treasure of the Templar Preceptor of Paris, taking them to the West and East coast of Scotland. Some of these ships must have reached Leith […]