Frequently asked questions: water damage repair

You come home to find that your floor is full of water. Identify the source and stop the leak. Next, grab your wet / dry vacuum and vacuum up all the excess water. There are still some damp areas and it smells a bit musty, so open the window and nature will take its course. In his mind, his do-it-yourself […]

The guts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Senator Bernie Sanders expressed his disagreement with President Obama’s grand trade deal. Organized labor in the United States argued, during negotiations, that the trade deal would greatly benefit corporations at the expense of workers in manufacturing and service industries. The Institute for Economic Policy and the Center for Economic and Policy Research have argued that the TPP could result in […]

Essay Writing: How To Get Scholarships If You Have Trouble Writing

If you have a strong desire to go to college, you shouldn’t let anything get in your way. You may think that you are not a good writer and believe that this is preventing you from obtaining a higher education. Henry Ford said if you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you’re right. Your belief that your […]

What is ERP SAP?

Businesses that are interested in all that enterprise resource planning software has to offer often find that the benefits may be worth the price and effort involved in researching a purchase. However, an ERP consulting company can be invaluable to add to the equation. ERP consulting may or may not come from companies that actually design the software. Either way, […]

Why are NSF fees so high?

No business can stay in business if it cannot make a profit. If you started a business, would you continue to provide your service or products if you had to pay business expenses out of your own pocket? Of course not! So when we talk about banking, we must first understand that banks are businesses and that the purpose of […]

Work from home: coupon posting

Looking for a way to use your skills as a salesperson or desktop editor to start a new business? You might have an idea here that is worth taking a closer look. Somehow every six weeks a neat and tidy brochure pops up on my doorstep with coupons for the local auto shop, pizzeria, vet, beauty salon, local florist, and […]

What is depreciation? Accounting for non-accountants

If you asked four people what depreciation is, you would probably get four different answers: The amount of attrition of the assets, An allowance to help replace assets, Device of an accountant to reduce taxes, or One way to allow inflation. All four would be wrong. Accountants aren’t known for explaining things well, which may explain the misconceptions above, but […]

Remove the stretched paint from the Gator table

These simple instructions will allow you to remove your stretched paint from the Gator board and leave your board undamaged: Make sure your paint is completely dry first. Look around your tape to see if you can find an area where there may be a slight lift / air gap in the area where the tape meets the watercolor paper. […]

Selling on eBay: Should You Have an eBay Store?

Are you an eBay seller like me? If so, chances are you’ve heard of an eBay store before. In fact, you might even have your own eBay store like me. EBay stores are gaining popularity. For that reason, if you don’t currently have an eBay store, you may be wondering whether or not you should open one. To determine whether […]

Credit Tenant Lease (CTL) Loans Explained in Plain Terms

Tenant Credit Lease Financing (CTL) is a unique lending platform designed for exclusive use with net leased real estate. Due to the distinctive nature of CTL loans, they are only available through specialized CTL lenders. What is net leased property? Net lease refers to clauses in a real estate lease that specify which party (owner or tenant) is responsible for […]