How Coaches, Content Creators, and Information Marketers Can Turn “Digital Driftwood” Into Cash

If you are a content creator who wants to get more sales and money from the content you have already created, this article will show you how. Here is a true story to illustrate what to do: Not long ago, I was visiting my mother, who lives in a small town by the sea, and I decided to take out […]

A billionaire secret from a 2000 year old book

No, the book is not the Bible. This particular book is called The Art of War, by an ancient Chinese strategist named Sun-Tzu. Most of us in the English-speaking world had no idea that the book existed until 1905, when the first partially translated version appeared. The first full English version was not released until 1910. In this article, I […]

9 elements of a successful business plan

A business plan is your roadmap to profitability and success. A well-conceived plan describes the vision you have for the business and the path you will take to achieve that vision. It also serves as a communication vehicle for employees, clients, and potential financial resources. An effective business plan has nine key elements. 1. Executive Summary. The executive summary describes […]

QuickBooks Tip: Child Support Garnishments

How to Set Up, Track, and Pay Child Support Garnishments in QuickBooks seems to be a fairly popular topic of discussion. I see this question frequently on many of the QuickBooks forums and newsgroups that you frequent, so here’s a little tutorial for setting up a weekly child support deduction. Quick Facts About Child Support Garnishments: Alimony is a tax […]

The people behind internet scams

Have you ever wondered what kind of person would deliberately scam innocent people with their money online? These people thrive on the invisibility of the Internet. They have the ability to easily hide their tracks, disappear quickly and easily, and are rarely caught by authorities. There are two kinds. The first is ambitious and proud of what they are doing. […]

Life Insurance Troubleshooting: Your Policy Problems Solved

While many of us understand the basic functions of our life insurance policies, it is not uncommon for questions to arise long after we have purchased the policy. To help you address your policy problems, we’ll answer four of the most common life insurance questions to help you understand and control your life insurance policy. Questions answered How do I […]

Contemplating the cloud: a viable solution for everyone

What is cloud computing? Cloud computing (or cloud storage) is the process of storing data online and is gaining popularity for a number of reasons. It is a secure way to store information, data is password protected, can be easily shared with others, cannot be lost, damaged or stolen, and does not take up physical space on your computer. Until […]

How to borrow money against a shared inheritance

An heir may have to wait months and even years to receive his inheritance distributions. This is due to the length of the legal process involved. An heir can then, through cash advances or loans, receive funds in a matter of days. It has no effect on the other heirs of the estate. A portion of the equity is assigned […]

How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days with this diet plan

The best way to lose 10 pounds in 10 days is not to starve, but to eat more food. By eating more food and changing it every day, calorie shifting is a form of diet that has been used for a long time. Many bodybuilders have used this method to get in the best shape possible and let me tell […]

FASB Proposed Lease Accounting Changes – Impacts on Commercial Real Estate

Introduction: The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) on August 17, 2010 published its “exposure draft” that requires companies to record nearly all leases on their balance sheets as a “right of use” asset and a “payment. future lease – corresponding liability “. . What does this mean for your business in simple terms? In essence, this proposal eliminates operating leases; […]