Using the "Cabling" Short reporter

(The original article below was published in the Milwaukee Law Journal in 2002. Following are groundbreaking changes in technology and process since the original publication.) The introduction of computers to the court reporting industry in the mid-1970s opened the door to many new reporting products and services and is ultimately creating greater capacity for litigants. Computer-assisted transcription (CAT), the process […]

Food pornography is no longer a gender oppressive word: wake up the kitchen for everyone

When the phrase “foodie pornography” was first coined by feminist critic Coward, it had an unfavorable and oppressive connotation. In her 1984 post Female Desire, she claims that cooking and delivering the results wonderfully is bondage behavior. Today we have a really different opinion on terminology. Coward may have been right at the time he wrote his statement, and we […]

Hiring the Right Employee: ESTJ Personality Type in the Workplace

If you are looking for an employee who is predictable, reliable and efficient, look no further than the ESTJ. Hard-working as persevering, these people are excellent employees. They take pride and pleasure in getting their work done in a timely manner and will provide you with a detailed plan for doing it. They bring order and efficiency to everything they […]

Why use granite countertops in your kitchen?

There are several different types of stone that are used for kitchen countertops, such as marble, onyx, limestone, and granite. Granite is the best type of stone to use in your kitchen, due to its versatility, range of colors, and extreme durability. Granite is one of the hardest stone types in the world and diamonds are required to cut the […]

Accelerate with Audi

Advancement through technology is what Audi promotes. 2007 has proven to be a great year for Audi. They have created the Audi A5 grand tourer, which is a luxury 2-door coupe. The S5 was launched around the same time as the A5, and this is a more aggressive vehicle. The RS5 has not been announced, while the RS6 is scheduled […]

AdWords Strategy: Why Are Topics More Important Than Words?

The AdWords strategy is about two star crossed lovers discovering each other. The popular idea is to have a list of words relevant to your audience, product, or service. A much better strategy may be to initially focus on the issues. A topic is a combination of keywords that create meaningful thinking that helps your customer find your product or […]

Fool for god

The following article is an exploration of the spring break season and its spiritual implications. In it there will be a unique perspective with special emphasis on the importance of appropriating our dualities with the purpose of transcending them. The duality of spring is that, although it is a time to “clean the house” thoroughly, it also asks us for […]

Creative virtual doll computer games for girls

Fashion games are gaining popularity year after year. Most web games are flash games. Flash dress up games are exciting games, with an intuitive interface. The types of themes for Flash games can vary from fighting scenarios to children’s themes, so they can be adapted to all tastes. Barbie Flash games will definitely keep everyone nailed in their chairs, as […]

A chilling way to improve your performance

When a man gets too excited, we tell him to take a cold shower to cool off. Interestingly, if you followed that advice, you would get more energy from the experience, including more testosterone. You can cool it temporarily, but you will make it stronger next time. All over the world, people have used cold baths or showers as therapy […]

So can I really get a divorce for $ 399? How to Select a Profitable Marriage Lawyer

Today there is a proliferation of advertising promising a $ 399 divorce. Is something like that even remotely possible? Probably not. For starters, in New York State alone, court costs will exceed $ 300. However, you can obtain the necessary forms to process an uncontested divorce at your local county clerk’s office or even more easily on the website of […]