Tips for Choosing a Safe Finch Cage

Finch is a general term for hundreds of species of small birds, all of which eat seeds and many of which have bright colors and pleasing songs. Even familiar birds like canaries are actually one type of finch and common poultry birds like zebra finches belong to another family of finches. Finches make great pets with the understanding that they […]

Do not leave the scene of an accident!

Sometimes, immediately after an accident, people make a very bad decision. Deciding they were probably or potentially at fault, they decide to leave the scene of the accident and hope they won’t be identified later. These people almost always get caught, due to the increased number of traffic cameras and the ease with which witnesses can remember a simple license […]

Michigan State is 7UP, not the soda, but 7 wins in a row

7UP isn’t just a soda, it’s where the Michigan State Spartans meet for the first time since 1966. Count them. There’s western Michigan, Florida Atlantic, Notre Dame, northern Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan and, with its win over Illinois, Michigan State is undefeated 7-0 and now ranks eighth nationally in AP polls and Coaches Top 25. This is heady territory for the […]

Cancun Paradise

For those who whose you like to lie on the beach, bask in the warm sun, after leaving the spa or world-class shopping, be warned. CancĂșn is a stunning seaside resort town of luxury hotels that are lined with pristine beaches on one side or the beautiful NichuptĂ© Lagoon on the other. Incredible nightlife abounds. However, for those seeking the […]

Small lumps on the penis? Maybe lichen nitlis

All men want to make sure they practice proper penile care, so hopefully they regularly examine their penises for signs of irregularities that need to be explored. (Hopefully, those irregularities aren’t there, but a man doesn’t know that unless he checks for them.) But when he spots something that’s different, it can be hard to tell if it’s cause for […]

The Star Wars Lego sets – Things to know before buying Lego Stars Wars II

Every once in a while video games are released that you just know are going to become classics. Like The Matrix of the movie world, sometimes a long video game arrives that brings a freshness that is totally satisfying. Not that they’re flawless (we’ll get to that), but they’re special enough that you don’t really notice them. Star Wars Legos […]

Taxes and Social Security Benefits

Taxation of Social Security has been a long debate to date with many opponents arguing that taxing retirees is unfair and amounts to double and sometimes triple taxes. When taxes on this retirement benefit were initially passed, it was targeted at high earners and very few people were taxed due to the high threshold. However, over the years, there have […]

The latest trends in kitchen design

When looking at kitchen designs and ideas, there are a number of considerations to ponder. However, having a functional space is the most important thing. After all, you want to get a kitchen design that works well for your needs. You need to pay close attention to where you will place key components such as the stove, cabinets, refrigerator, and […]

The true story behind the car chase sequence in “The French Connection”

“The only thing we had permits for was shooting on the elevated train,” explained William Friedkin, director of “The French Connection.” He and his producer met with the Head of Public Relations for the New York Transit Authority. They explained what they wanted to do and asked permission to do so. “You guys are crazy,” the official admonished, “I could […]

Dental – Orthodontic Marketing – How To Test Your Website’s SEO On Google – Can Patients Find You?

Can you afford to turn away new patients in today’s economy? Proper use of HTML keyword code on your orthodontic marketing website is key to driving potential new patients to your website on Google, the only search engine that matters. Keywords relate to the words and phrases patients type into search engines to find you. No matter how good your […]