The 5 biggest differences between the US and Europe

So, to the meat and potatoes (rice and beans In Puerto Rico)! These observations are purely factual (with a bit of my opinion included) and are not listed in any particular order. Thank you for reading this far! You will surely enjoy the rest. Of course, I should mention that I grouped Europe, a continent made up of 50 countries […]

Jesus of the Bible vs. Jesus of the Roman Catholic Church

In the books of Matthew and Mark, Jesus asks his disciples: “Who do you say that I am?” Through wrong speculations, his disciples are not sure except Simon Peter. “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Evangelicals and Catholics agree with Jesus’ response to Simon. They both say that he came to this earth as a baby […]

IT Support: What’s the Value Proposition for Spam?

A common question our customers ask is “why am I getting so much spam?” This is a great question, as we rely on our email program to identify spam and quickly archive it in our spam (or spam) folder. Spam messages that are received from offering pills we don’t want or to spread things we don’t want spread or to […]

Home Improvement Lessons From HGTV’s “Bang For Your Buck” Part 1 of 2

Have you seen the new HGTV show called “Bang for your Buck”? The goal is for two experts, a real estate agent and a designer, to compare three renovations of the same space, within the same city, all with the same budget, to see who got the most bang for their buck. By chance I saw the one that just […]

Get the most out of iPhone and Ford Sync

Getting the most out of your Ford Sync system sometimes means learning more about your smartphone and here are some tips on how to use your iPhone with the Ford Sync system. Having trouble accessing music on your iPhone? If you have upgraded to a newer Apple iOS, then one of the options is to “back up” and store your […]

Talent Acquisition Through Hiring Marketing

Current candidates are digitally connected and socially engaged. This also improves your job searches. If your company wants to recruit the best talent, you must hire recruiting marketing professionals. Hiring marketing is nothing new. But, there is a lot of talk these days. It almost lives up to artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrencies as the most talked about business topics. […]

What Is the Difference Between a Cube and A Cuboid?

What Is the Difference Between a Cube and A Cuboid? Cube A cube is a three-dimensional object with six square faces that are congruent. The dimensions of the cube’s six square faces are all the same. A cube can also be referred to as a regular hexahedron or a square prism. It is one of the platonic solids (one of […]

Ectomorph’s Home Workout Routine

There are three main body types to consider when evaluating strength or fitness goals. The ectomorph, the endomorph and the mesomorph. This article will primarily deal with the ectomorphic framework, which we will become familiar with as one that tends to be long and thin, has a high metabolism, a large appetite, and has a hard time gaining weight. In […]

Original prouder vanish oxi action blanc – A Perfect Gift

Original prouder vanish oxi action blanc Vanish one is a new nail polish which is made of pure vanobellic acid. It is the main component of Saint Oxi which has given a new dimension to the beauty of nails. Vanish Oxi is extremely hard and does not react with any other material thereby making it ideal for the artists working […]

The Best Romance Novels of All Time You Must Read

Are you a staunch romantic who sees the world through rose-tinted glasses? Then there is no better way to explore the world of passion and love than with written words: romance novels. Chivalry is hard to find with men today. Lost is the world where brave men in shining armor used to always be so ready to rescue a damsel […]