Gangsters in America – Charlie "The bug" Workman – The Man Who Killed Dutch Schultz

Charlie “The Bug” Workman was the strong and silent type, who killed up to 20 people for Louie “Lepke” Buchalter’s Murder Incorporated. But Workman’s fame was being the man who shot Dutch Schultz to death. Charles Workman was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 1908, the second of six children to Samuel and Anna Workman. Workman dropped […]

5 common causes and precautions of computer data loss

Data loss is a tragedy that every computer user has to suffer at least once every two years. This problem is scary and disgusting. In this article, we will look at 5 common causes of data loss and the precautions you need to take. 1. Deleting files by mistake Today, most of the people lose their important data due to […]

Tennant Floor Kit – EX-SC-1020 Carpet Extractor

The four main types of carpet extractors are carpet cleaners, self-contained extractors, tank extractors, and truck-mounted carpet extractors. Carpet stainers are used for small cleaning jobs, such as small spills and spot cleaning. These types of extractors use a small hand tool and are ideal for cleaning upholstery, window fittings, and car details. Tank Carpet Extractors are used for larger […]

Learn more about backsplash tiles

Your home renovation and remodeling work can never be completed if you don’t pay attention to the perfect kitchen and bathroom renovation jobs. To give an aesthetic look to your kitchen and bathroom, it is always preferable to go with some modern designs and here you can surely go for backsplash tiles. The designs with these tiles are sure to […]

Clutch Kit Essentials

If your vehicle’s clutch has failed, then you could face a costly repair bill depending on the make and model of your car and the shop doing the work. Between high parts prices and labor costs, you could easily face a bill of $ 500, $ 700, or even $ 1000 or more. Maybe you should consider doing the work […]

The difference between Scrabble dictionaries

The internet has changed the face of the Scrabble game – there are many online games like Hasbro’s official Scrabble game and similar word games like Wordscraper, Lexulous, and Words with Friends. Each of these games offers several options for the game dictionary – which one should you use when playing with friends instead of playing in a tournament? The […]

Child Custody: Your Child’s Age and Sex Could Count

Among the most interesting elements that a court considers when awarding custody of children is the age and sex of the child. When children are very young, this factor is not so important. After all, a baby’s main interest is to be fed and kept reasonably clean. However, an older child’s preferences are more likely to be based on experience. […]

Millrose Games celebrates its 100th anniversary as the track’s most prestigious indoor event

I guess you’d have to be a runner to appreciate the Millrose Games, which held its 100th race over the weekend at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. The Millrose Games cannot be said to be the most prestigious indoor competition in the world; in fact, it is the most prestigious indoor track and field competition by invitation in the […]

An overview of labor laws in India

Indian labor laws establish labor rights and regulate employment conditions. Generally, labor laws are laws relating to relations between employers and employees. They guarantee few legal rights to workers. In addition, they aim to promote the interests of workers. Labor laws can be classified into two main categories. The first category consists of laws that define the relationship between unions, […]

Twin flames: the new paradigm of relationships

Everyone has a Twin Flame. Everyone has an image of their perfect partner in their psyche and can describe them in detail. It is our anima and animus. We project these qualities onto our peers when we fall in love and get married. Most of us unconsciously work with our Twin Flame, but during this generation, some of us come […]