Top Ten Tips for the Best Road Trip Ever

There is nothing more fun than an old fashioned road trip. I love to hit the road and explore our country. Now, I have been a “road traveler” for some time and while I love air travel, I love road trips because this is how you can really experience the country. So it’s time to whip up your favorite tunes […]

The benefits of jersey sheets

While they are not as elegant as satin or silk sheets, jersey sheets are incredibly comfortable and wonderful to sleep on. Not only are they comfortable, but they also keep you warm in the winter while keeping you cool in the summer. In fact, they are so versatile that you may never want to use any other type of fabric […]

Fix Binkw32 Dll Error To Protect System

The Binkw32.dll error is a dangerous system error that is associated with the binkw32.dll file. It is a support file and contains data, resources, and code that is designed to load more than one program at a time. This error cannot be corrected manually. If this file is missing, corrupted, or deleted, the system may be corrupted. So in this […]

Ask an Expert: Interior Design

Over many years as an interior designer, what would be 3 major changes in consumer preferences during that time? One thing that immediately springs to mind is the switch from stain grade cabinets to paint grade cabinets. White kitchens are back! Customers tend more towards lighter and brighter shades over the red / orange hues of the last decade. The […]

Drag Racing: the perfect launch

Drag racing, a competition between two cars that starts from a complete stop over a 1/4 mile (1320 feet) distance, is highly dependent on the first 60 feet of the race or launch. The technique used for launching varies greatly depending on how the car is equipped. The type of transmission, the wheels being driven, the tires, the power, the […]

Relevance of SEO in digital India

The past decades have graced India with a digital transformation that has led to many businesses and thus a competitive environment. Amid the changes, the country has become a pioneering force in information and technology. Every two days, new companies become familiar with the market through digitization, employment rates have increased, leading to new sectors in trade. Digital technology is […]

How to potty train your parrot

Parrots can learn to go to the bathroom if you are willing to engage in dedicated and consistent training. Parrots are rarely perfect about their potty training, but with a little work, you can get near-perfect results. In fact, you can usually get such good results that when the parrot has an accident it is because you were not paying […]

Online Sweepstakes, Games, and Contests: Addressing Legal Issues and Cheating

Online giveaways, games, and contests have become increasingly popular thanks to the widespread use of social media and iOS apps. Businesses, however, often overlook the need to include the proper documentation and guidelines required by state or federal laws and regulations. Also, current new technology often allows web / app users to submit cloned entries or bypass online rules. Similarly, […]

Natural Acne Cures: 5 Healthy Foods That Cause Acne Breakouts

You can cure your skin problem with natural acne cures. No need to resort to expensive over-the-counter products. Did you know that there are extremely healthy foods that make acne worse? Your health conscious diet could be causing your breakouts. These are the most dangerous foods because they hide behind the mask of wholesomeness. If you are prone to breakouts, […]

PR Strategy Trends for 2017

The public relations industry continues to evolve. As visual storytelling, digital and social media continue to play a larger role, many marketers are looking to incorporate more tools into their PR war chest. Here are some of the most popular trends that could give your business a boost and a heads-up over your competition. 1. Video, video and video. Have […]